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What the Experts are Saying About Wearing Heels

What the Experts are Saying About Wearing Heels ShoeLa Heels Remember our last infographic where the Prince finds Cinderell s perfect glass sliper? The reality of heels,a times,is that we feel more like the ugly stepsisers - tring o sufour swollen fe inb a pair of lvely delcae shoes, only to find that they are not quite what we hoped they would be. It takes most women 1 Hour 6 Mrutes 48 Seconds 48 6 minuIBS-. of wearing uncomfortable shoes to feel pain 1 in 10 suffer PERMANENT DAMAGE OMM OOOO DOO 1/3uFfer 77% 31 wear heels women wear heels have worn heels for a to WORK 3 or more days as a result of long-term wearing of heels SPECIAL OCCASION per week 35 50* 33* 59 have had their of women wear heels to go have had night ruiñed by painful shoes wear heels to DINNER DANCING blisters 1/3 have fallen while wearing heels PRESSURE As the height of your heels increase, so does the pressure OUCH on your feet. MY 3 ↑ 76 % 2 ↑ 57 % ↑ FEET!! 60 % blerate pain for a great pair of heels will ↑ 22 % Foot Problems Caused by Wearing Heels Alters posture Back& neck problems Stress on Higher risk of Osteoarthritis knees Ankle Plantar ascitis Shortens calf muscles Ingrown toenails Foot deformities Corns, calluses njuries Bone spurs Pump Bump yo. not. vexy. Shoes w the Numbers Women own an axerage of 17 Il pais of shoes Men own 8 pairs of shoes Own an average of Can wearing HIGH HEELS be GOOD FOR YOU? A 2010 study has shown that wiearing HIGH HEELS may 1mprove the tone of a woman's pelvic floor, which cạn positiyely affect incontinence. How You Can Make Wearing High Heels BETTER: Wearing a thicker heel provides better balance, which eases pressure on the foof Look for hees with a gradual slope from the heel to the ball of your foot Dont wear heels for long periods of time Stretch leg musdles before and after wearing heels Use insoles with gel metatarsal cushioning pads Avoid shoes with pointy toes Limit heels to 2 inches • Limit periods of walking and standing Wear a variety of shoes on a regular basis Sources: American Osteopathic Association Britain's College of Podiatry The lowa Source American Podiatric Medical Association The Economist © 2013 - Samantha Kulchar - InfoGraphicArts Cove High de seconds

What the Experts are Saying About Wearing Heels

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Wearing Heels: The problems they can cause and how we can make it better.


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