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What to expect as you get older.

WHAT TO EXPECT AS YOU GET OLDER LIFE EXPECTANCY AROUND THE WORLD Average age: 40 - 50 84.19 YEARS 81.98 50-60 81.56 YEARS 80.29 78.62 60 - 70 YEARS 74.99 73.02 70 - 80 69.85 YEARS 67.48 80 - 90 49.48 YEARS MONACO HAS CHAD HAS THE HIGHE THE LOWEST LIFE EXPECTANCY: LIFE EXPECTANCY: 89 49 YEARS YEARS 122 THE WORLD'S OLDEST YEARS + 164 DAYS PERSON WAS A FRENCH WOMAN NAMED JEANNE CALMENT WHO DIED AGED... THE AGING PROCESS WRINKLES After the age of 20, we produce about 1% less EARS, NOSE AND FEET collagen each year, so the skin becomes thinner The ears, nose and feet continue to grow and more fragile GOING GREY THE SENSES Hair begins to grey as the cells that Vision and hearing deteriorates produce pigment reduce VOICES LONG IN THE TOOTH Men's voices get higher, women's get lower Teeth look longer as your gums recede SHRINKING We're tallest in our 40's, then lose up to 2 inches in height by age 80 STRENGTH Muscle strength decreases and bones become more brittle PUTTING ON THE POUNDS Muscle loss slows down our metabolic rate so over the age of 50, we start putting on 2-3lb a year INTERNAL ORGANS Organs such as the heart, lungs and kidneys can lose their ability to function properly "I'M 80 THE BENEFITS YEARS OLD OF GETTING OLDER YOU KNOW" People often feel happier and more comfortable in themselves You learn with experience and become wiser You can get away with more and blame it on your age "I'm 80 years old you know" Over 65's receive senior discounts Sense of humour often gets better with age Retirement provides more free time to do the things you enjoy You'll have more stories to tell 10 TIPS FOR AGING GRACEFULLY 1. Exercising 7. Managing stress 2. Eating a healthy diet and keeping hydrated 8. Avoiding too much sun 3. Thinking positively 9. Socialising with friends and family 4. Avoid smoking and most importantly 5. Living in the now 10. Don't worry about getting older, embrace it! 6. Getting a good night's sleep INSPIRATIONAL OLDER PEOPLE "YOU DON'T STOP LAUGHING WHEN YOU GROW OLD, YOU GROW OLD WHEN YOU STOP LAUGHING." George Bernard Shaw YUICHIRO MIURA (JAPAN) THOMAS LACKEY (UK) MINORU SAITO (JAPAN) was the oldest person to climb is the oldest person to perform the loop After 233 days and 50,000km Minuro Mount Everest at the age of 80 years the loop on top of an aircraft at the age Saito became the oldest person to sail 223 days of 93 years around the world age 71 "WHEN I WAS 77,I BROKE MY LEFT ELBOW AND WAS TOLD IT WOULD TAKE TEN GLADYS BURRILL (USA) became the oldest woman to complete WEEKS TO HEAL. I HAD AN IMPORTANT TRIATHLON COMING UP, SO I SAID TO MYSELF, OH NO IT WON'T. a marathon aged 92 years 19 days. She completed the Honolulu Marathon in Hawaii in 9hr 53min 26sec. I DID EVERYTHING I COULD TO GET FIT. FIVE WEEKS LATER, MY DOCTOR TOLD ME I WAS GOOD TO GO." SIR BOBBY ROBSON (UK) was the oldest person to manage an English football (soccer) Premier League team aged 71 years 194 days, when he took charge of Newcastle SISTER MADONNA BUDER (AKA THE IRON NUN) the oldest woman ever to complete United against Aston Villa. Newcastle won the game. an Ironman triathlon AGED 82 carewatch Designed by CAB Studios Sources:,, supporting independence with care at home

What to expect as you get older.

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It's inevitable that we'll all get older, but what exactly does the future hold? Find out with this infographic [Please link to the original source if publishing elsewhere]




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