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What Does Your Dress Say About You?

What does your dress say about you? At Work Neil Cannon at Moment Missed There is no doubt that what you wear can have an impact on your chances of securing a job. First impressions are important and sometimes setting off on the wrong foot can side-track the whole interview. Part of your first impression is what you are wearing, if you turn up wearing something that could be perceived as odd (or sometimes even a little racy) you could have your character misjudged unfairly. I believe that what a woman or man wears affects the perception of others a great deal and people judge first impressions whether they'll admit it or not! Women in particular pay attention to what men wear, probably more so than guys do of women. Sam Merriweather at StudentWhat Gabrielle Teare at Jake Butler at We have found a short cut and an 'adventurous' print will give an employer the wrong impression. If you would like your clothes to have an impact then you should wear quite neutral colours such as a dark grey or a black suit that gives off a respectable look. However you should also look for a bold coloured accent to give you an outfit that will make you stand out. Save the Student! Lisa Talbot at You never get another chance to It is a well-known fact that an opinion is made on a person within 7 seconds of meeting them, this is usually due to what they look like. This is no different for an employer who is interviewing potential staff, it is so important to get the interview outfit right to suit job role, company branding, personality and body shape. For example: I. A dress showing too much cleavage can make the potential employee not know where to look! Can look like a desperate need for a role. 2. A dress too short can make the interviewee uncomfortable, pulling down all the time. make a good first impression. My experience is that women do not spend as much on their work wardrobes as men and may have less authority and gravitas as a result. Employers are looking for people to represent the public image of the company, cheap or too tight clothes do not aid women. They should wear clothes that are professional, fit well and show their shape in corporate colours. Women should use their femininity in a positive, professional way. 3. A dress too bright in colour or with a statement print will be more prominent than what the interviewee is discussing about the role. 4. A dress in a see through fabric whilst showing a bra straps does not look professional. At Play Bethanie Lunn is a writer and Editor of The Modern Guides series. Follow her on @BethanieLunn Bethanie Lunn Judi Craddock is a Style and Body Confidence Coach and an advocate for positive body image. Follow her on @hcartyourbodyuk Judi Craddock - Plunging Neckline - Bethanie - I choose a low neck for a date as it will make me feel sexier, the right man wouldn't judge, he'd just feel lucky to have me by his side. A modest length skirt would counter balance the neckline and keep the outfit classy and chic. Judi - A low neckline signifies that you want to feel powerful and in control. This type of dress says that you are confident and comfortable with your body, and view your womanly curves as a source of power. - Designer Label- Bethanie - I chose designer label dresses when I wanted to impress, such as for a job interview or networking event, since I felt accomplished and confident. Judi - Every designer label signifies something, whether that's luxury, success, fun, sexiness, playfulness etc. - Maxi Dresses – Bethanie - I think they make everyone look laid back and bohemian. Anyone can wear a maxi and they're so versatile, add a blazer and court shoes with an oversized bag and I'm ready for work. Judi - The typically soft and floating nature of a maxi dress gives an air of femininity. The fluid lines of the fabric also make you appear friendly and approachable. - Embellished Dresses - Bethanie - Embellished dresses carry excitement and glamour. It docsn't take confidence to wear them but wearing them GIVES you confidence so wear with pride for a boost. Judi - Embellishments with a uniform pattern show a preference for being methodical and organised. Opting for bold detailing such as leather or large jewels suggests you're a creative person who likes to make a statement. - Printed Dresses – Bethanie - You'll stand out of the crowd in prints so many people shy away from trying them but standing out is a triumph. Judi - Animal prints show that you have a playful and flirtatious side to your personality. A large bold print suggests a gregarious and bold personality; in contrast a small floral print indicates a feminine and understated character. - Tight fitting Dresses - Bethanie - Tight fitting dresses like the body con hug your curves and create a beautiful silhouctte. You'll look compelling and are bound to attract attention, high quality shape wear can also give you a confidence boost! Judi - If you're happy wearing a figure hugging dress, it's likely that you have few inhibitions and gain confidence from showing your curves.

What Does Your Dress Say About You?

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“What Your Dress Says About You”. It covers dresses from work wear to dates, with advice from award winning stylists, bloggers and student publications.




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