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What Does Your Credit Score Say About You?

??. WHAT DOES YOUR CREDIT SCORE SAY ABOUT YOU? So my credit score is low. Or high. Or maybe somewhere in bet ween. what? That has nothing to with what I tch on TV or browse online! .Does it? HOW HIGH- AND LOW-CREDIT CONSUMERS ARE DIFFERENT Who knew? High-credit consumers are 2X as likely to read blogs than low-credit consumers. Yikes! 45% OF LOW-CREDIT CONSUMERS never visit daily deal websites. I wonder, what kind of hargains e they missing oiút on? COUPON $50% OF are Hmm fooks like high-credit consumers are more interested ins sports. 1 IN 4 HIGH-CREDIT CONSUMERS visit sports websites, compared to 1 IN 5 LOW-CREDIT consumers. PLUS, people with high credit scores are 18% more likely to watch sports on TV and 44% more likely to listen to sports on the radio than their low-credit counterparts. Consumers with high credit scores are also about 17% MORE LIKELY to watch the news. Gee, NEWS / then what do low-credit consumers like to watch? HD Oh, cooking shows! NEARLY 1 IN 5 low-credit consumers watch cooking shows regularly, but ONLY 1 IN 10 high-credit consumers say the same. Very practical choice of entertainment, indeed! People with low credit scores are 50% MORE LIKELY to listen to hip hop/rap/R&B stations. High-credit consumers listen to classic rock stations 33% MORE OFTEN than low-credit consumers do. TOO_BURR creditcard Wowee, that's a wide spectrum. Is there anything high- and low-credit consumers can agree on? I knew we weren't all different! Turns out, when you ask people of all credit backgrounds what their absolute favorite websites and TV shows are, you get a lot of the same answers! HOW HIGH- AND LOW-CREDIT CONSUMERS ARE SIMILAR Most Popular Web Activities NEWS YAHOO! SHOPPING AMAZON.COM SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK DAILY DEALS GROUPON STREAMING MUSIC PANDORA Most Popular TV Shows DRAMA NCIS SITCOM The Big Bang Theory REALITY TV The Amazing Race, Survivor ENTERTAINMENT American Idol COOKING Chopped HOME IMPROVEMENT This Old House I had no idea my credit score said so much about me. Fascinating! NetCredit" References Redshift Research Study sponsored by NetCredit. (2012, May). A More Personal Loan

What Does Your Credit Score Say About You?

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Earlier this year, NetCredit sponsored a study by Redshift Research Study to determine correlations between consumer habits and credit scores. The results may surprise you. This infographic tells us h...


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