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What does your camera say about you?

WHAT THE CAMERA YOU USE SAYS ABOUT YOU Санот Either you are actually a professional photographer, or semi-pro, or you simply have too much cash and still cut people's feet off when you take group photos at BBQS. Full frame, Digital SlR Enthusiast with dreams of taking the perfect shot. Ultimately you end up being the friend who takes all the pics at parties and never gets to fully participate. Most of your photos end up being printed on canvas or the yearly calendar hanging in the kitchen. Pro-sumer Digital SER Twinlens Reflex You are just cool, end of story. Or you are a collector. PENTAX Old school, hanging onto the good old days. Mostly you just love the feel of the leather wraparound on the camera body. Mmmm leather... 35mm Film SlR Holga / lomo HOLGA Used to be a art student, now are regular adult who likes that fancy light leak effects on the edges of your photos. The everyman cameras. You can't be bothered with an SLR and all those pesky manual functions, but still want the full photo experience - scene modes to the rescue. One for Baby, one for island holiday and one for fireworks - how could you go wrong? Digital Compact point-and-shoot Digital Compact supen-z0om You still love the scene modes but now you just use "landscape mode" - birds feature a lot in your pictures. Close ups of flowers and textures are a favourite. Digital Compact watergroof Wannabe adventure sports dude. You take your camera surfing, rock climbing and mountain biking. Nothing like a little bit of work to really make it look like you're pushing the limits dude. Medium format Professional photographer stuck in your ways, and probably now stuck in a backwater photo studio taking pictures of food for street advertising. Shame you invested all that cash in Mamiya Ges cameras that now only take photos as good as a medium priced digital camera. You are a spy. Spy camera You're too lazy to get a real camera but how cool is it that you have like Instagram and Hipstamatic apps on your photo to do those sweet borders and light effects?! Mobile phone Video camera A budding cinematographer who thinks that the stills from your video camera are fine for the job. You are wrong! Disposable camera Can't see the value in actually buying a real camera when those cheap ones do the job. You probably don't own a computer either, crazy newfangled devices wont catch on. Teds cameras Helping you capture life Find out which camera is right for me?

What does your camera say about you?

shared by chensta on Apr 16
You can tell a lot about a person by what car they drive, what clothes they wear and what camera they use. Are you a Cool Professional DSLR, the Average Joe Compact or the Hipster Holga? Yes, your cho...


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