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What Do You Know About Islam?

What do you know about Islam ? The religion of Islam today The Holy Places of Islam NOBLE QURAN The Holy book of muslims is the Noble Quran, it is the central religious text of Islam. It was Medina Jerusalem revealed to the Prophet Muhammad around 610 AC. Mecca 114 Sura 60 Hizb 6236 Aya There's 1.3 Billion muslims around the world The 1- the profession of faith 2- the daily prayers 3- fasting Ramadan 4- almsgiving 5- the pilgrimage to Mecca pillars of sunni Islam Muslims Other Religions Top 5 biggest Mosques 1) Masjid al-Haram 2) Masjid al-Nabawi (Saudi Arabia, Medina) capacity 1,000,000 3) Imam Ridha shrine (Iran, Razavi Khorasan) capacity 700,000 4) Istiqlal Mosque 5) Hassan II Mosque (Morocco, Casablanca) Capacity 105,000 (Saudi Arabia, Mecca) capacity 4,000,000 (Indonesia, Jakarta) capacity 120,000 Only 22% of muslims live in the arabic countries THEY SAID ABOUT MUHAMMAD PBUH "I BECAME MORE THAN CONVINCED THAT IT WAS NOT THE SWORD PERCENTAGE SUNNI - SHIA THAT WONA PLACE FOR ISLAM Muslims are not allowwed to drink wine nor to eat pork IN THOSE DAYS IN THE SCHEME OF LIFE. IT WAS THE RIGID SIMPLICITY, TTTTTTITTI THE UTTER SELF-EFFACEMENT OF THE PROPHET, THE SCRUPULOUS REGARD FOR HIS PLEDGES, HIS INTENSE DEVOTION TO HIS FRIENDS AND FOLLOWERS, HIS 90% of the muslims in the INTREPIDITY, HIS FEARLESSNESS, HIS ABSOLUTE TRUST IN GOD AND IN HIS OWN MISSION." world are Sunni MAHATMA GANDHI Copyright © 2011 Bader “Abou Hamza" Lanouar

What Do You Know About Islam?

shared by Angel on Jan 30
Islam is one of the biggest religions and the fastest growing religions in the world. This infogrpahic takes a look at basic facts about Islam and Muslim practices.


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