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What Do People Read on the Toilet?

What Do on the 2 Toilet People Read Average amount of time people spend in the bathroom every min Spend > 1 hour in the bathroom. Women are significantly more likely to be spending more time. 37% Vs 15% 30. day. 63% of people read books, magazines, and newspapers while in the bathroom. 75% of Americans have used their mobile phones in the bathroom. . .. 24% of all agree with the Men and people age 34 or younger are significantly more likely to read in the bathroom than other demographics. statement: "I don't go to the bathroom without 27% 86% my mobile phone." said the toilet was the place where they did most of their reading. Magazines are the Most Frequently Read Materials 00. Books Shampoo Descriptions Mail TV 1/3 of people Magazines 3% read their mail in the bathroom News of people put a television in their bath room. February (both snail mail and e-mail) Mobile Devices Newpapers Behavoir on the Phone in the Bathroom 67% 63% 42% 38% 38% 29% Answer a Phone Call Use Social Networking Read a Text Read an Email Surf the Web Use an App Male vs Female Choice of Bathroom Read Erotic Magazines 38% Interiors Magazines 34% Sports Biographies 36% Romance Novels 27% Gossip/Celebrity Magazines 21% Fashion Magazines Crime Novels 24% Men's Magazines 18% 12% Real-life Crime 13% Parenting Magazines Gardening Magazines 6% Gardening Magazines 9% 3% Is Bathroom Reading Making You Sick? Hemorrhoids? Sitting on the toilet too long can increase pressure on anal cushions, which may eventually cause them to become hemorrhoids. If you insist on reading on the toilet, you should put the toilet-seat cover down, and sit on that. It's almost like sitting on a chair. Microbial Contamination? Microbes don't do well on absorbent surfaces, and would probably only survive a few minutes on newspaper. Plastic book covers, and the plastic surfaces of eReaders, are a different story. Microbes can live on those for hours. So try not to read ebook on the toilet. Sources magazines-bathroom-reading-material-poll.html ULMAGAZNE DISCOUNTCENTER.COM

What Do People Read on the Toilet?

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People spend an average of 30 minutes in the bathroom every day. Most of us love to read on the toilet besides simply answering nature’s call. Check out this infographic and see what exactly everyon...


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