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What is the deal with Green Jobs

What's the deal with Green Jobs what is the "green" “clean" or low-carbon economy? the sectors of the economy that produces goods and servičes with an environmental benefit. Current administration has raised demand and increased green job growth. Green Biz Stats "As we recover from this recession, the transition to clean energy has the potential to grow our economy and create millions of jobs- but only if we accelerate that transition. Only if we Past, Present, and Future Growth green jobs in 2008 750,000 seize the moment." REPORTED BY U.S. CONFERENCE OF MAYORS -President Obama green jobs in 2009 In 2010, 2.7 million jobs in the United States directly 770,000 contributed to the pro- OBAMA'S duction of goods and services that had an To get 80% of America's electricity from clean energy by 2035. GOAL REPORTED BY PEW CHARITABLE TRUST environmental benefit. green jobs in 2010 2 Million The jobs were spread over 57,501 different establishments in 41,185 companies and existed in almost every industry. RENEWABLES Wind & Solar Geothermal Biomass REPORTED BY OXFAM AMERICA Hydropower NUCLEAR green jobs in 2011 2.7 Million efficient NATURAL GAS RECOVERY ACT INVESTMENTS CLEAN COAL REPORTED BY BROOKINGS INSTITUTION OBAMA'S GREEN POLICIES The Obama Administration has invested in 2009, Symantec found that SENIOR-LEVEL IT EXECUTIVES He highlights clean energy's ability to create jobs and stimuláte the US économy. more than $90 billion in clean energy and on a path to double renewable energy generation from 2008 levels by 2012. Has backed commercial-scale are expressing significant interest in environmentally-friendly strategies and solutions. solar projects on public lands. It includes an ongoing commitment to passing HOMESTAR legislation to help homeowners finance retrofits, and a "Better Buildings Initiative" to make commercial facilities 20 percent more efficient by 2020, and a range of steps to promote industrial efficiency. Ninety-seven percent of respondents said they are at least discussing a green IT Haş budgețed billions for carbon emissions storáge technology- seen as key to "clean cóal." strategy. 97% 45% have already implemented eco-friendly initiatives. discussing a green IT strategy THE GREEN ECONOMY THE MAIN MOTIVATIONS WERE: 45% 90 reducing electricity consumption THE REGULAR ECONOMY 87 reducing cooling costs already implemented Reports have found that the green tech field has cleantech. seen "torrid growth" from 2003 to 2010. GROUP LLC 86 corporate pressure to be "green" (Growth rate of overall economy in the time was 4.2%) $3 54 $145 Green construction HAS GROWN DRAMATICALLY OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS billion billion billion Green Nonresidential Construction in US - 2010 Green Nonresidential Predicted Green Nonresidential Construction in US - 2005 Construction in US - 2015 as the Green construction industry grows SO WILL ITS WORKFORCE T EARN MORE MONEY WITH A GREEN JOB. 2000 - 2008 1 million 13% Median wages in the clean economy are 13 percent higher than median U.S. green construction workers employeed 2009 - 2013 Clean Economy wages. (2011) 3.3 million green construction workers predicted to be employeed $88,616 $46,343 National Average Salary Clean Economy Job Average Salary AMERICA'S TOP 10 GREENEST COMPANIES according to NewsWeek NEWSWEEK greenscore Information Technology & Services 82.5% IBM 75.8% Hewlett-Packard Technology Equipment Notable global company Scores: 31 75.6% Sprint Nextel Telecommunications 74.9% Baxter Healthcare 74.7% Dell Technology Equipment 6. 74.6% Johnson & Johnson Healthcare 74% Accenture Information Technology & Services 73.6% Office Depot Retailers 72.6% CA Technologies Information Technology & Services 10 71.9% Nvidia Technology Equipment Google DELL 75 Green Score 66 Environmental Impact 65 Green Score NEWSWEEK NEWSWEEK greenscore greenscore 74 Environmental Impact 67 Environmental Management 89 Environmental Management 49 Transparency & Disclosure In manufacturing, the company aims to have a 99 percent rate of recycling and reuse by 2012 and it looks like it is on track- for fiscal year 2011, the company maintained a recycle and reuse rate of 95.7 percent. 21 Transparency & Disclosure Google has been completely carbon neutral since 2007. Google claims that because of these steps, the carbon emis- sions from 1,050 Google searches are equivalent to those released by a glass of orange juice. Apple NOKIA 27 15 Green Score 67 Environmental Impact 65 Green Score NEWSWEEK NEWSWEEK greenscore greenscore 67 Environmental Impact 71 Environmental Management 80 Environmental Management 28 Transparency & Disclosure 90 Transparency & Disclosure Apple's products make up 98 percent of its carbon footprint, Its buildings account for just 2 percent. While the company has been buying renewable electricity since 2006, the company built its first renewable-energy installations-fuel cells in Sunnyvale, Calif., and a biofuel Every product Apple sells exceeds the guidelines for Energy Star specifications - an achievement that no other company in the industry can claim. station in Chennai, India-in 2011. Microsoft hp HEWLETT® PACKARD 23 76 Green Score 67 Environmental Impact 88 Environmental Management 68 Green Score NEWSWEEK NEWSWEEK greenscore greenscore 77 Environmental Impact 67 Environmental Management 29 Transparency & Disclosure 64 Transparency & Disclosure The company promised to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions to 40 percent below 2005 levels by the end of 2011, a goal it By 2012, Microsoft plans to reduce its carbon footprint by 30 percent compared to 2007 levels, designing its newest data centers to use only half the energy of those that were being built even three years ago. reached nine months before its deadline. IBM 83 Green Score 79 Environmental Impact In 1971, IBM formalized (PDF) a corporate environmental policy designed to make the company an environmental leader in all of its business activities. In the intervening 40 years, many of the company's environmental initia- tives have truly been ahead of their time. NEWSWEEK greenscore 86 Environmental Management 83 Transparency & Disclosure UPGRADE YOUR CURRENT JOB INTO A GREEN JOB: presented by You ain't green yet? JobVine Find out how to get green certified: The preferred job network.

What is the deal with Green Jobs

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