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What to consider when moving to Shanghai

Making a new home in Shanghai can seem like a daunting endeavor, especially when you consider that you'll be sharing a city with 23 million other people. What To With a bit preparation, though, making the move will become less daunting. Below are 7 things to consider before moving to Shanghai with your family. Consider When Moving to Shanghai Cost of Living Dallas, TX $3,884.59 Shanghai ¥21,000 I he popular notion that because everything in China is "cheap," you can live a life of luxury for a fraction of the cost is misleading. Although prices in general are substantially lower than in many major cities around the world, prices for housing and food in many Western areas in Shanghai are comparable to those back home. In general, you would need around $3,884.59 (¥23,824.97) in Dallas, TX to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with ¥21,000 in Shanghai. At the end of the day, the cost of living in Shanghai is determined by your lifestyle choices. Schools Many parents worry about the quality of education their child will receive if they are living abroad. Luckily, there are over 300 recognised international schools in China, with some of the best located in Shanghai. These international schools can offer an equal, if not more, valuable education than what is offered in the child's home country. Yew Chung International School (YCIS) Shanghai, for example, offers an international curriculum that combines the best of Eastern and Western educational philosophies and practices to promote bilingualism, creative expression, individual growth and community service in order to foster strong, intelligent, global-minded students. Housing Where in Shanghai you choose to live can have Xintiandi a big impact on your family's daily life and the The heart of the city. people with whom you interact. YCIS Shanghai facilities are located close to many of the major Jinqiao The largest Western expat community. residential areas within Shanghai, and are easily accessible by car or public transport. HongQiao Heart of the Changning district, also very expat friendly. I he most important thing is to choose a house or apartment in an area that feels right for your Minhang Further away, but more green family and is most in sync with how you want to space. live. Diet China is an adaptable country, and has even absorbed various Western food and cooking styles. Whether the food is Chinese or Western, you'll find it extremely complex and varied in flavour and preparation. Moving to China will give you a unique opportunity to experience a mix of East and West, and many families enjoy mixing their favourites with local staples. If you are looking for Western grocery options, the most popular are City Shop, or the plethora of online shops that offer delivery service. Transportation I raffic jams are commonplace during rush hour, especially in the busy downtown areas and overhead highways. Luckily, alternative forms of transportation in Shanghai are reasonable and affordable: • The extensive subway system has trains running frequently and costs ¥3 on average to ride. The efficient bus system is also cheap and convenient. Taxis are plentiful in Shanghai and can be a life-saver if you're in a time crunch. However, it can be extremely difficult to hail a taxi during rush hour or inclement weather and the taxis are subject to the same traffic conditions as cars. Because the city is so flat, investing in a bicycle or electric scooter is also a quick and easy transportation solution. However, this option should be considered with caution, as drivers in the city are often oblivious or impatient when it comes to sharing the roads with bikers. Bikers should ALWAYS wear a helmet! Daily Life Aside from the rich cultural sightseeing activities available, Shanghai is full of activities to occupy your spare time: Fitness centres, shopping malls, outdoor parks and movie theatres will make your family feel right at home. There are a number of citywide events and clubs dedicated to promoting CLUBS friendship among the expat community. Plus, the city's extensive number of great restaurants is continuously increasing. The People Another common misconception when travelling in China is that everyone you meet will be rude, brusque, or trying to rip you off. T he truth is, the Chinese as a whole are kind, respectful, hardworking and extremely generous. Furthermore, most Chinese people are excited about meeting foreigners who have an interest in working or living in their country. A good rule of thumb when moving to China is to leave any sense of entitlement at home. Treat everyone you meet with the respect you would offer someone inviting you into his or her home and with the enthusiasm and open-mindedness befitting of a truly global citizen. This will allow you to develop a network of friends and colleagues made up of expats and locals alike that will be invaluable to your life in China and elsewhere after. Sponsored By YCIS USA China A leading International Qingdao YCIS Silicon Beijing Shanghai Hong Kong School with campuses in China, Hong Kong and the USA. YCIS Valley Chongqing focuses on providing a balanced education that uses bilingual education in English and Chinese at the core of its curriculum. Beijing Shanghai E-mail: E-mail: Phone: (8610) 8583 3731 Phone: (8621) 6219 5910 ext 222 CO

What to consider when moving to Shanghai

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How can you prepare your family for an international relocation to Shanghai? The best way to prepare is to familiarise yourself with the similarities and differences to expect in your new home. Will t...


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