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What Causes Workplace Stress?

BURNOU& CHRONIC CHRONIC STRESS CHRONIC In the U.S., 51% HAVE FELT BURNED OUT MORE THAN ONCE 77% OF PROFI SSIONALS 84%OF MILLENIALS HAVE EXPERIENCED BURNO UTAT THEIR CURRENT JOB BURNOUT CULTURE IN THE WORKPLACE EMPLOYEES REPORT THAT THEY FELT 64% AMERICANS WORK-RELATED STRESS DUE TO feel stressed 44% 38% 30% or frustrated at work one or more times per week HIGH-PRESSURE environment LACK OF SUPPORT from management UNREALISTIC expectations Combining overworking and low pay is a recipe for burnout *in the U.K. 1 IN 3 EMPLOYEES* BLAME TECHNOLOGY FOR JOB STRESS, SAYING THAT TECH LEADS TO INCREASED workload TIGHTER deadlines Social ISOLATION "Stress is really important, and anxiety is what motivates us I to do well. It's when we're continually exposed to stress and anxiety, that we're not letting go, that it starts to turn into burnout. Siobhán Murray Psychotherapist & Author of The Burnout Solution 45% 33% 29% THE SCIENCE: HOW CHRONIC STRESS CAN CHANGE YOUR BRAIN WHO defines burnout as A SYNDROME CAUSED BY CHRONIC WORKPLACE STRESS, including 3 elements • Feelings of EXHAUSTION • Mental DETACHMENT • POOR performance CORTISOL THE STRESS HORMONE 2x-5x DURING TIMES OF STRESS HIGHER CORTISOL LEVELS INCREASES BY MAY... INTERFERE with learning & memory LOWER INCREASE weight gain, A1C, blood pressure & cholesterol HEIGHTEN RISK of heart disease, diabetes, depression, & mental illness immune function & life expectancy Americans say stress makes them feel NOT ALL STRESS PARALYZED IS EQUAL INVIGORATED 57% 43% WHY THE DIFFERENCE? They're likely experiencing different forms of stress SHORT-TERM STRESS CHRONIC STRESS NEVER ENDS and eventually rewires the brain like worrying about a deadline Has a CLEAR ENDPOINT LESS BRAIN ACTIVITY related to higher-order tasks CHALLENGES YOU to excel More brain activity related to SURVIVAL INSTINCTS Channels cortisol toward A TANGIBLE GOAL PROVIDES NO OUTLET for cortisol THE EFFECTS OF CHRONIC STRESS & BURNOUT ARE REVERSIBLE - UNLIKE DEPRESSION, BURNOUT IS BEST TREATED THROUGH LIFESTYLE CHANGES SURVIVING SURVIVING SURVIVING STRESS HOW TO AVOID BURNOUT "Someone on the brink will probably begin to feel emotionally numbed or mentally distant. Like they don't have the capacity to engage as much in the ordinary things of life." Spot The Signs Of Impending Burnout Jacky Francis Walker Psychotherapist & Author of The Burnout Bible THE BIGGEST RED FLAG AN UNSHAKEABLE FEELING THAT YOUR WORK QUALITY IS LAGGING AND YOU'RE NOT SHOWING YOUR FULL POTENTIAL Step 1: FIND THE UNDERLYING PROBLEM An oppressive work environment, mismatched company and personal values, and intense time pressures are often to blame for burnout Have a predictable "If it's not a heck yes, it's a heck no. If you're not totally jazzed about doing something, just say no. Štep 2: ESTABLISH strikes, you don't spiral AROUTINE routine so when stress out of control– be sure to build cortisol reducing activities into each day Amy Kurtz Wellness Coach & Author of Kicking Sick Step 3: PRIORITIZE EACH DAY "Turn off your phone. Leave work at a reasonable hour. Draw boundaries between your life and your work that allow you to succeed in both. Create a to-do list to manage daily tasks so you know what to expect, - Look for long term balance instead of fitting everything into every day Ann Shoket Author of The Big Life "You know what is urgent in your life, like seeing your family and friends more...Even if the work is still there when you get back from vacation, you'll come back better." WHAT YOU CAN DO TO REDUCE CORTISOL Bea Arthur Psychotherapist & Founder of The Difference GET HELP: PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: SOCIALIZE: SLEEP: MEDITATION: STRESS CAUSES SLEEP PROBLEMS, SLEEP PROBLEMS CAUSE STRESS ISOLATION WILL ANY FORM OF FURTHER INCREASE MEDITATION OR BY MIMICKING NATURAL "FIGHT OR CORTISOL LEVELS CONSCIOUS BREATHING BUT, connecting with friends and family helps build resilience will help slow your heart rate and decrease the FLIGHT" ACTIVITIES, get out of the downward cycle by prioritizing good sleep habits you can reduce cortisol through exercise effects of cortisol SUPPORT INCREASES RESILIENCY 51% 44% 50% 30% TOWARD STRESS of Americans deal with burnout by TALKING TO FRIENDS OR FAMILY of Americans fight burnout with SLEEP of Americans use exercise to COMBAT BURNOUT AND STRESS of Americans fight burnout through REGULAR MEDITATION the earlier you ask for help, the more likely it is you'll avoid or reduce stress-related complications WORKING LATE? Blue light from screens can interfere with sleep – Try filtering glasses or a color shifting app to reduce your exposure WITH A GROWING NUMBER OF TELETHERAPY OPTIONS, YOU'RE NOT TOO BUSY TO ASK FOR HELP Connect with a therapist anytime over through phone, webcam, email, or text Sources: BURNOUT ISN'T INEVITABLE - ESCAPE THE TRAP OF OVERWORK WITH STRESS- FIGHTING HABITS Presented by: N NOWSOURCING

What Causes Workplace Stress?

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More than half of Americans feel stressed or frustrated at work on a weekly basis. Find out why in our latest infographic.


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