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Welcome to the Crystal Bar!

Brought to you by SPIRITUALITY Enlightened Ade Connect to your spiritual guardian and a higher trust, encouraging spiritual growth. It will help you clear your mind and connect more with your feelings, while providing wisdom and shielding negative energy. Scoop of lapis lazuli Generous portion of rutilated quartz Dash of amethyst Liheral sprinkling of clear quartz BALANCE Yin and Yang Seeking physical and emotional balance? This will bring you purity and harmony. Keeping you balanced and calm, and offering peace and solace during times of change or transition, Yin and Yang will help you resonate with calming energy in perfect balance. Equal scoops of hematite and fAluorite Splash of chrysocolla Dash of quamarine WELLNESS Fountain of Youth For calmness and healing, embrace this recipe. It will bring about powerful healing, health, and wellness, along with protective energies. The Fountain of Youth will nurture honest communication and acceptance of emotions, calming your nerves and promoting healthy, Heap of turquoise Maund of angelite Scaap of mazonite Splash of blue lace ├ągate WEALTH & SUCCESS reen Tlachine For embracing abundance, success, and courage, the Green Machine is your positive transformation, offering stimulation and cleansing. These crystals allow you to release negative experiences that are holding you back from wealth and success and will help you focus on your goals and longevity. Handful of aventurine Heaping scoop of green jade Generous splnsh of malachite Dallop of citrine DOLLAR PHOTO HAPPINESS pping an Sunshine For a burst of happiness and a punch of positivity, Sipping on Sunshine is the perfect crystal cocktail. This blend will create clarity and warmth, joy and optimism. You will enjoy a stronger mind, fewer negative feelings, healing, and confidence when you partake of the delightful Sipping on Sunshine crystal cocktail. Hear citrine Scoop of yellow jasper Pinch of ocean jasper Oarnish a pyrite welcome to the OREATIVITY Inspiratini Scoop of blue apatite CRYSTAL BAR When you need creativity, energy, confidence, and optimism, try the Inspiratini. It helps bring courage, vitality, and new opportunities. Your inner talents will be awakened and your insight will be intensified. You will be motivated to create with a clear mind and embrace the abundance that is coming your way. Spaanful of carnelian Dash of tiger's eye Pinch of goldstone LOVE Passionate Punch To tap into your deep feelings of compassion and unconditional love, partake in the rosy Passionate Punch. It encourages joyfulness and relaxation, while opening your heart to the love that is all around you. It clears anger and resentment, making the way for forgiveness, empathy, and patience. Liheral portion of rose quartz Heap of rhodonite Hefuy hanaful of jade Generays dash of The healthiest happy hour around! No matter what mind, body and soul is in need of today, we have a crystal elixir to help! your fuchsite %24

Welcome to the Crystal Bar!

shared by EnergyMuse on May 01
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Try these crystal "cocktails" to help with whatever intention you set for your life!



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