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Wedding Rings $491 What is Tungsten? Tungsten alone is a very dense and fragile metal, not very The average amount of money spent on a groom's wedding band ideal for jewelry. When tungsten is combined with carbon alloys at over 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit, Tungsten Carbide (TC) is ý 27% formed- one of the hardest metals known to mankind. Although Tungsten has been used for many years in the manufacturing industry for tools and other workmanship, Tungsten was introduced to the jewelry industry merely a few years ago. The Tungsten InfinityTM collection does not contain the alloy cobalt. Although cobalt allows for easier production, it of grooms opt for tungsten rings rather than the more traditional gold reacts with the natural oils in our skin and will cause oxidation on bands the ring. Most manufacturers use an alternative binder, such as nickel, to combine with the tungsten material. The tungsten ring quality is very much related to the binder quality. This indestructible alloy is virtually impossible to scratch, and holds its $9.6 billion shine for decades. Americans spent over $9.6 billon on wedding and engagement rings in 2012 59% 50 of couples choose to get their wedding bands engraved 87% of grooms choose their wedding band with their partner Man-gagement: 5% of grooms wear an engagement ring along with the bride Tungsten Making Process 12% of grooms opt for black wedding bands Grind tungsten and Carbon into powder. (1) Why is it so Special? It's harder 14k Gold Tungsten Carbine is 10 times harder than 14K Gold Platinum Tungsten Carbine is 4 times harder than Platinum Combine Tungsten Powder, Carbon Powder This innovative new product has become the hottest trend 2 and other trace elements such as Nickel in today's jewelry and wedding band market. Even though tungsten wedding bands have been available over 5 years Powder and put in high pressure molds. now, many people have not even heard of tungsten jewelry. It's Denser Tungsten carbides are compounds of tungsten and carbon: monotungsten carbide (WC) or ditungsten-carbide (W2C). Tungsten Carbides are denser than.. Silver Steel Titanium The molds will usually be tubes unless it 3) is a very unique ring, then they will do a Tungsten carbide's extreme desinty means that jewelry made of it is effectively wear proof. Pure tungsten jewelry is bespoke ring mold. 10 available but pure tungsten is not as hard as the carbides. This is why Mens Tungsten Online uses only the strongest tungsten carbides in our collection. Because of its ability to resist scratching and polished look, tungsten rings are becoming more and more popular with men and women alike. The rings or molds are then baked in an oxygen-free furnace at about 6000 degrees F. This is called sintering. Once the "blank", as we call it, is removed from 5) the furnace, we can cut it; grind it etc... with poly crystalline diamond tools. 00 Once the ring is made, it is polished with diamond past. We polish it three times with three different diamond pastes, much like using varying grits of Infinity Polish sand paper, to achieve a perfect shine. 1. We are the only company, that we know of, that has our rings polished three times. It costs more money, but it makes a much nicer surface than any other ring out there. We have trademarked it the "Infinity Polish" Please take a look at the Mens Wedding Rings website and look at the resources section for more information on tungsten and their products.

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This innovative new product has become the hottest trend in today's jewelry and wedding band market. many people have not even heard of tungsten jewelry.


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