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We have become Cyborgs

100. 010101001. we have all become 10. CYBORG a CYBORG is an organism to which extragenous components have been added for the purpose of adapting to new environments. Anthropology 11101010 Cyborg the study of human cultures and their development extension of the extension of the physical self mental self 101110 The average person has 634 people in their netuork 、 个个 . 001 Technology is compressing time and space 1010 00001 10101 LO01 Your phone carries the 101 equivalent of 1000 pounds 101001of information 101ll1 01010 01010 00010 Thats as much as a Horse 10101 1010 OR 0010 5 NFL Football Players 47 47 47 47 47 OR 111 125 Gallons of Milk! ఉద ఉ ఉ ది ి 0 1 10 1 0 1 10 101 10100100110100101YOU can talk to anyone, 01 anywhere, or any time thanks to technology but be careful! always Ambient Intimacy is the need to be connected. 10 no matter what you're up to D0101011 Technology maes us smarter 100 g+ 010 LO0100 01010101O0010 D01010111 1001001010 D10101010C DOSL00100010 1011100000 1110/0010010101 the average person has digital access to TOTOTTTTOOTOTO TOOTOTOOTO01 +1 Trillion Webpages +200 Social Networks +300 Online Colleges +10,000 libraries 306,554 iPhone Apps 156 Million Blogs 01010101UUI01001LO000100LO0001 Technology extends our connectivity in an organic way, L0 allowing us to become smarter, more efficient and better connected. It has made us a more interesting species. 1010010011010010 it has made us CYBORGS Do01.001010 digital firefig *immediate digital network design by Marissa Treece infographic based on Amber Case's "Cyborg Anthropology" marketing 0010101

We have become Cyborgs

shared by DigitalFirefly on Jan 16
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