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LIFESPANS AND RELEASES OFF THE WALL! While this unpredictable genre-particularly grunge-experienced an unexpected surge of popularity during the early 90's, many of America's most influential bands either despised their success or couldn't handle the fame. Few, however, rode the wave and continued through the decades. These 10 randomly selected acts illustrate just that." "80 10 '00 'os 'lo 08. I Soundgarden Smashing Pumpkins Nirvana Sonic Youth Dinosaur Jr. Beck Pavement KEY AMERICAN ALTERNATIVE ROCK years active R.E.M. FEATURING THE BANDS WHO HATED, LOVED, AND MADE IT FROM 1980 – PRESENT The Shins Pixies album release EAST V. WEST COAST LISTEN UP! Hip Hop isn't the only genre of music with its rival coasts. From Seattle, Washington to Athens, Georgia, alt rock is best known for its bi-coastal cultural hubs where band legends were bom and raised. Here are some bios of some of those important places that influenced this musicscene between 1980 and present. NYC Home of the late CBGB, NYC was the breeding ground for the late-70's underground punk movement, giving way to altermative rock. The city has raised bands like The Walkmen, The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Sonic Youth. Senttle Over the past 30 years, alternative rock has seen its fair share of break ups, break downs and overall insanity. From No Wave act Sonic Youth to the borderline indie pop tunes of The Shins, this exciting, interesting slice of music history has unintentionally left a mark on all future generations to come. While some were unable to deal with the amount of buzz they Mirvana Mudhoney Soundgarden Alice in Chains Pearl Jam KEY IMPORTS Miharke Violent Femmes Cicngo bsten/Ahest OPicies Dinosaur Jr. NYC England'saltemative rodk scene also had its key players. Shoegazing and Britpop were important influences for both British as well as American bands. stirred across the naiton, others held on tight as they learned to define what they knew as music. It's important to note that while there are hundred, if not thousands of altermative rock acts out there, the ones listed here are the ones who are the most well known Stocktono Pavement Smashing Pumpkins Wilco SEATTLE for their accomplishments, set backs, demise and triumph. Sonic Youth The Walkmen Yeah Yeah Yeah's The Strokes Seattle, also known as the "new Liverpool", is still today regarded as the epicenter for not only grunge music, but the entire grunge movement. Many record labels like Sub Pop have also gotten their start on Seattle ground. Las Angeles Alb-preque The Jesus and Mary Chain Et Kilbride Bed Red Hot Chili Peppers Janes Addiction Weezer Silversun Pickups Athes R.EM Of Montreal Neutral Milk Hotel Deerhunter THE PAST AND PRESENT The Smiths Morrissey Oasis Joy Division New Order The Shins An interesting look at the history of what defined the alternative rock we know today. From the landmark moments to the trivial instances, these events have all played important roles in the way society sees, interprets and interacts with the genre. Monchester Abing den ATHENS Athens, Georgia seems to be an unlikely place to give way to acts like R.EM, Or Montreal and Deerhunter, but this small town is rich in musical history and keeps producing bands and musicians Besldon Depeche Mode adiohead July 18,1991 April S,1994 1986 Kurt Cobain commits suidide in his Seattle home at age 27 Sub Pop Records is founded. It will go on to host such bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden and Mudhoney The first Lollapalooza concert, concelved by Janes Addiction's Perry Farrell, is played on its North American tour December 2, 200 1784 August 24, 1976 R.E.M. signs largest recording contract in history with Warner Bros. worth $80 million The Smashing Pumpkins play their final set at the Metro Club in Chicago-the home of their first show 12 years earliler. They will reunite later, however, in 2007. Dinosaur Jr. form in. Amherst, Massachusetts Oetober 21, 203 2o10 Soundgarden officially announces plans for a reunion tour 1981 1980 The Violent Femmes form in Milwaukee, Wisconsin May 2, 2006 Pearl Jam release Pearl Jam, theie first album in four years. Elliott Smith commits suicide at Lo-fi group Pavement forms in Stockton, California age 34 in Los Angeles, Califomia May 15, 2001 Februnry 9, 2005 September 24, 1991 - L1993 Angust 14-15, 2004 September 9, 1917 The Shins"Past and Pending" is played at Australlan actor Heath Ledger's funeral www.neam, e fixcyclpedia of ladle lockly keryL. Snt;;; kette: June1,1984 Nirvana's second studie albom, Nevermind, is released. The album will eventually sell over 10 millon coples and change the band, American altermative reck forever. Weezer's third rélease Weear (The Green Album) is hailedas the bands' rebirth album, antving afterthe band's long hiatus Phish holds its final (until 2009) weekend festival Coventry in Coventry, Vermont. An estimated 65,000 - 68,000 people attended Boston band Pides Thurston Moore maries fellow Sonic Youth member Kim Gordon in Bethel, Connecticut break up-via fax kcubus releases S.C.AE.N.C.E., the bands debut album


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Illustrated infographic on the history of American alternative rock from 1980 - present. Including a sliding bar chart of bands' lifespans and album releases, two maps of band origins, and a timeline ...


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