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Visual Guide to Child Proofing

VISUAL GUIDE TO CHILD PROOFING Congrats, you have a new little one on the way! Your house, not to mention your life, is about to be turned upside down in so many ways. This quick guide will help you baby-proof different areas of your home for varying ages. BEDROOMS 2 KITCHEN 3 BATHROOMS STAIRS 5 ENTRYWAY OUTDOOR 6) BASEMENTS SFLLL INFANT TODDLER PRESCHOOL BEDROOMS Close all the drawers to dressers Secure bookshelves and dressers to help keep little crawlers from climbing them Make sure that all toy boxes have safety lids that can be opened from the inside in case you have to the wall to help prevent your toddler from pulling them over. an ambitious hide and seeker. Check your door hinges and place Do not put any soft bedding in the crib or bed with your infant as Keep all cords securely out of reach. finger pinch guards on the accessible ones. it can cause suffocation. KITCHEN Put a guard on the front of your stove to help keep hands away from hot elements or pots. BE AWARE OF YOUR DISHWASHER & YOUR PRESCHOOLER Often there are sharp objects in them and if they are helping unload they might come in contact with these. Consider using a lock or washing sharp and fragile things by hand Place locks on all of your cabinets to help keep baby from pulling out dangerous cleaners or heavy kitchen pots. for a time. Always keep pot handles turned in towards the counter or stove to Buy and keep a fire extinguisher in your help prevent your toddler from pulling it on to themselves. kitchen as an all-around safety precaution for SECURE YOUR RANGE TO THE WALL your home. Kids can be injured by pulling the stove over on to themselves when climbing on it or trying to open the oven door. BATHROOMS A toilet seat lock can help keep Never leave your baby unattended in the bathtub. your toddler from opening the toilet and falling in the water. Store hair dryer and curling irons out of their reach. Preschoolers can climb and are curious Put all bath, body, and hair products out of so consider removing all medicines from your medicine cabinet or securing a lock to help keep them safe. Secure a lock to your cabinets to help keep your curious crawler out of harm's way. reach. Set the temperature to your water heater to 120° F to help prevent your toddler from scalding themselves if they turn on the faucet. STAIRS Gate your stairs both at the top and the bottom. You can use a pressure-mounted gate at the bottom of your stairs Practice using the stairs with your toddler so they are competent and understand safe stair techniques. Teach your preschooler to never set things on the stairs as it is a but need a hardware mounted trip hazard. one at the top. ENTRYWAY Secure all wires and cords (especially from drapes and blinds) and place out of reach. Be aware of anything your guests Always lock your front door. Your Consider a higher on-the-door lock. Preschoolers can be adept at flipping deadbolts so using a higher lock they can't reach might be necessary. track in on their shoes such as toddler will soon be able to reach the small sticks or rocks that might doorknob and let themselves out. be a choking hazard. Sweep often. BASEMENTS Check for mold in any areas that your infant might have access to. If you store lots of things in your Ensure that paint and other chemicals are kept in an airtight container on high shelves well basement and attic consider making it an off limits area to your curious preschooler. Place outlet covers on all outlets, out of reach. OUTDOORS Immediately remove any standing water from rain or hoses in buckets or coolers to help If you have an in-ground or large pool make sure it is completely inaccessible to your child without adult supervision. prevent drowning. TAI Check outdoor plants that are within your crawler's reach to help make sure they are safe in case the baby puts them in their mouth. Never leave your toddler alone in their wading pool. Keep all dangerous gardening and landscaping tools in the garage or shed and out of reach. ALL-AROUND SAFETY TIPS TO HELP KEEP ALL YOUR BASES COVERED If the item is small enough to fit through an empty toilet paper roll tube it is a choking hazard and needs to be placed out of reach of your little one. Get down at your baby's level and physically crawl around the house looking for things to get into. Protect Your Home SOURCES ADT AUTHORIZED DEALER

Visual Guide to Child Proofing

shared by vincem on May 30
A visual guide to protecting your child at home by babyproofing. Brought to you by ProtectYourHome


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