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Value of a Mum

MUM'S COMPANY LIMITED *** 63% 37% of children value the of children do NOT work their mum's do. value their mum's work. Mum is going private. She's going to charge for the cleaning, for the childcare, for the driving, for everything. And here is what her time will cost... Mum's Work: Value Percieved Value Actual Value £275 per week £578 per week If mum's spay was based on her partner's estimate, she would be underpaid by 52% The anmual financial value of a Even when in full-time. employment. full-time stay-at-home mum is. the value of a stay at home mum is £30,032 £20,997 Mum's Work: Hours Percieved Hours Actual Hours 18 hours 71 hours Mum works much longer than we think. Partners' estimates of how many hours mum works is out by 77% Mum's Time By Chore Spending time with children-o 29 hours -Cooking/ preparing meals 8 hours Tidying up 7 hours- Washing/ ironing elothes 5.5 hours Cleaning / Vacuuming +.5 hours- Shopping + hours Other household tasks 4 hours- Washing up/ dishwasher 4 hours. Driving to activities 3.5 hours- Gardening 1.5 hours Mum's Work:Value by Region Mum's in Yorkshire and Humberside have an average value of £33,696 This is 12% higher than the national average. Yorkshire & Humberside £33,696 South West £32,916 Scotland £31,252 Scotland Wales £30,628 London £29,796 East Midlands £29,484 Yorkshire & West Midlands £29,380 Humberside North West £29,120 East Midlands East Anglia £28,964 Wales West Midlands East Anglia South East £27,300 North East £23,608 (London South East South West Love Your Mum A Mum's time is precious. She gets only 6.5 hours a week to herself and 3 hours of quality time a day with her partner. So remember: mum's time is priceless. Sources:: Legal and General - Value óf a-Parent 2011. Rescarch These figues are calculated using the number of hours spent on household.chores and childcare multiplied by Office of Nátional Statistics (ONS) data on àvèråge.hourly páy rates for equívalént jób'roles. North East

Value of a Mum

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How valuable are our mothers? Find how hard our mothers work at home and what they would be paid if we could put a monetary value to the work they do, day in, day out.


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