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Untranslatable Emotions in Languages other than English v.s. Parrott’s Emotion Classification

切ない Regret (Japanese) Emotion between bitter- - Guilt Disappointment sweet, painful and wistful. A kind of heartrending SHAME Misery emotion. Rage Displeasure DISAPPOIN- Vengefulness Bitterness Sorrow Embarrassment Insecurity Dejection Glumness TMENT Anger Woe Shame Defeat Dismay Humiliation Outrage Fury Gloom Grief Homesickness Spite SADNESS Sadness NEGLECT RAGE Unhappiness Rejection Scom Wrath Despair Insult Gezelligheid Hygge Sadness Anguish Loneliness (Dutch) (Danish) Hopelessness Alienation Comfort and coziness of Comfort and coziness. The SYMPATHY Loathing Hate Neglect feeling of enjoying food and being at home, with friends, with loved ones, or general togetherness. Resentment Hostility drink with friends and Melancholy Hiraeth Agony family. Annoyance (Welsh) Depression Isolation SUFFERING Dislike Ferocity Pity Homesickness tinged with grief or sadness over the lost or departed and the Hurt Тоска "Togetherness" Bliss Satisfaction/ Grouchiness Envy the earnest desire fc. (Russian) the Wales of the Esctasy Great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause. Ache of soul, a longing with nothing to long for. past. 정 Elation Joy (Japanese) Sympathy Suffering (Korean) Missing something. The sense of longing, being nostalgic for something, Agitation Glee Emotional attachment - Grumpiness Joviality IRRITATION between friends, family, or even towards objects, ENVY Jubilation someone, or somewhere. animals. CHEERFUL- Delight 心疼 Saudade NESS Aggravation (Portuguese) (Chinese) Gaiety Anger Ti voglio bene Enjoyment The feeling somewhere between sympathy and empathy, to feel the suffer- ing of loved ones A somewhat melancholic Jealousy (Italian) feeling of incompleteness. Longing for something that might never return. Yearning. Irritation 加油 The attachment for family, friends, and animals. Euphoria Jolliness (Chinese) EXASPER- Exasperation A form of encouragement as if you are fighting along with the person, backing them up. TORMENT ATION Longing לואב לי הלב Amusement Gladness Contempt (Hebrew) Torment Yearning Identifying other's suffering so much that the heart hurts. Happiness Cheerfulness Entrallment Triumph Frustration LONGING Surprise (Hebrew) Disgust DISGUST Pride ENTRALL- Literally means "I'm sick on you". It describes the feeling of obsession with someone PRIDE MENT Rapture Liking or something. Норе Contentment Joy SURPRISE Desire Arousal Love Sentimentality Adoration Love Şerefe! Revulsion CONTENT- (Turkish) MENT OPTIMISM Optimism Amazement Astonishment Drink with ones honour. 志 忑 LUST Infatuation Compassion ときめき Pleasure AFFECTION (Chinese) Surprise (Japanese) Eagerness Fondness A mixture of feeling uneasy and worried, as if you can feel your own heart beat. The bubbly feeling of the moment of falling in love. Lust Zest Enthusiasm Tenderness Anxiety Passion RELIEF Excitement Tenseness Mortification Attraction Affection Relax Alarm Caring 豁達 Relief ZEST Shock (Chinese) - Thrll Hysteria A rather relaxed emotion and attitude towards every- Uneasiness. Dread Zeal Untranslatable Emotions in Languages other than English V.s. Parrott's Emotion Classification thing, accepting all the facts instead of worrying Ei viitsi NERVOUS- Fear Fear Exhilaration HORROR (Chinese) NESS (Estonian) about it. Worried, feeling uneasy, Nervousness The feeling of slight laziness, can't be bothered by anything. Don't want to work nor go anywhere. Distress don't know what to do. Panic Fright Terror Worry Apprehension Horror "Nothingness" Researched and Visualized by Pei-Ying Lin Source: Parrott, W. (2001), Emotions in Social Psychology, Psychology Press, Philadelphia

Untranslatable Emotions in Languages other than English v.s. Parrott’s Emotion Classification

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This is a research trying to show the emotions people find extremely hard to express in English.


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