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Under Pressure: The Misperceptions Pushing Down on Talent in 2012

UNDER PRESSURE THE MISPERCEPTIONS PUSHING DOWN ON TALENT IN 2012 Many employers are having a difficult time finding skilled employees right now, while many candidates are having a hard time finding a job for which they're qualified. Both sides are, without realizing it, making decisions that are pushing one another away and leaving great jobs unfilled - resulting in a talent crunch. With often completely opposing views about the talent problems we're facing, how can employers and candidates give each other one more chance? %3D NEARLY TWO-THIRDS OF CANDIDATES KNOWINGLY APPLY FOR A POSITION |N WHICH THEY DO NOT POSSESS THE REQUIRED SKILLS. EMPLOYERS CANDIDATES have positions for which they THE 38% 26% say they have been LAID OFF CANDIDATE CANNOT FIND POOL QUALIFIED STAFF. SINCE 2008. 53 PERCENT 62 PERCENT RESUME claim they would have NO PREFERENCE between a candidate who has a gap in believe their unemployed status AFFECTS THEIR CHANCES OF FINDING A JOB in their field. GAPS his or her resume versus one who doesn't. Say that the SKILLS JOB APPLICANTS MOST OFTEN LEARNING LACK are JOB-SPECIFIC To re-skill themselves, 1 in 5 candidates NEW SKILLS IN NATURE. are VOLUNTEERING or GOING BACK TO SCHOOL, but 51 PERCENT believe their skills are already ADEQUATE ENOUGH TO LAND A JOB, and are doing nothing to acquire new abilities. WORKER 82% of candidates claim they are at least MORALE TWO-THIRDS OF ALL COMPANIES ARE WILLING TO STRETCH THEIR INCENTIVES to include benefits like SOMETIMES BURNED OUT at their job. flexible working hours, higher salaries, saying they BEGAN 58% tuition reimbursement and remote FEELING THIS WAY IN working options. THE PAST YEAR. Say they are addressing the skills gap through ON-THE-JOB TRAINING, CROSS-TRAINING, Cite EDUCATIONAL GAPS, OUTSOURCING, NEW TECHNOLOGIES and GAPS IN ON-THE-JOB EDUCATION AND TRAINING MANUAL OFFSITE TRAINING, MENTORING and TRAINING TRAINING as the causes of the current skills gap. FORMAL EDUCATION. ONLY 12 g000000000 RESUME PERCENT OF CANDIDATES Fifty percent of employers say they are WILLING TO IMPLEMENT A TRAINING EDUCATION ARE BEING TOLD PROGRAM that re-skills inexperienced workers for hard-to-fill positions. THAT THEY DO EXPERIENCE NOT HAVE THE REQUISITE SKILLS FOR A SKILLS ????????? NEARLY ALL candidates say they're WILLING TO REFEINCEs LEARN NEW SKILLS JOB TO WHICH outside the scope of their current position. THEY APPLIED. EMPLOYER/EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIPS ARE SUFFERING, TOO QUIT! 33% of employers claim MORALE IS LOW due to employee vacancies. ONE-THIRD of employers have seen an increase in voluntary turnover in the past year. 51% OF EMPLOYERS say vacancies have CREATED LONGER WORK HOURS. Employers attribute staff losses to higher salary offers elsewhere, being overworked and not having enough 34 PERCENT say this new reality has LOWERED THE QUALITY OF WORK being produced. career advancement. HOW EMPLOYERS CAN BRIDGE THE SKILLS GAP REEVALUATE YOUR ORGANIZATION'S TRAINING, RE-TRAINING AND RE-SKILLING PROGRAMS. While job training is provided to employees, only 38 percent of workers are satisfied with the training and learning opportunities at their current employer. Consider looking at the transferable skills of candidates outside your immediate industry. 2 ADOPT A TALENT MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHY FOR LONG-TERM, SUSTAINABLE GROWTH. Maximize your recruitment spend by using talent intelligence to make informed decisions on which positions are hardest to fill and what areas of the country have the largest supply of candidates. Create a pipeline of candidates who are actively engaged with your company to fuel a long-term growth strategy. PROVIDE MORE PRODUCTIVE FEEDBACK TO CANDIDATES. Being rejected for a position can be a disappointment, but by providing specific detail around skill deficiencies, you're helping candidates build a personal training program and find new work - and, ultimately, strengthening the economy. GET SMART ABOUT ATTRACTING AND RETAINING TOP TALENT. Learn what attracts candidates to your company and why workers choose to stay, and provide incentives that match what your ideal candidates are looking for at your organization to stay competitive. careerbuilder SOURCE: This survey was conducted online within the U.S. by Harris Interactive on behalf of CareerBuilder among 1648 employers and 2.036 candidates (employed full-time or unemployed and looking for a job) between February 8 and February 29, 2012. EMPOWERING EMPLOYMENT

Under Pressure: The Misperceptions Pushing Down on Talent in 2012

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Many employers are having a difficult time finding skilled employees right now, while many candidates are having a hard time finding a job for which they’re qualified. Both sides are making decision...



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