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The ultimate Pattern Fashion vocabulary

enérie Fashion & Lifestyle .. the ultimate pāttern fashion vocabulary.. (part 1) _anthemion dotted swiss Classical motif based on a stylized honeysuckle plant or a radiating, fan-shaped palm leaf (palmette) A pattern of small, evenly spaced raised dots (usually on a thin, lightweight fabric). Larabesque liberty Elaborate ornamental design of intertwined floral or geome- tric motifs. Commonly comes from (or inspired by) Islamic art or architecture. An allover, small-scale floral printed or dyed patterns, characterized by highly stylized, flowing curvilinear forms and subtle, artistic tones of Art Nouveau. _argyle lane's net A pattern of diamond-shaped rectangles in a diagonal alternating (checkerboard) arrangement. Typically uses a two or three colors. A pattern of diamonds rotated by 45 and 90 degrees. Diamonds are filled with thin lines radiating from the opposing ends. bird's eye madras A weave forming small-scale diamond shapes each with a dot in the center. A bigger weave is sometimes referred to A design with brightly colored stripes, plaid, uneven checks, or other design elements, usually on a plain-colored background. as pheasant's eye. boteh -plaid A stylized teardrop-shaped design originally on shawls from Kashmir and produced in Paisley, Scotland. Same as paisley. A design that consists of crossing bands or stripes of color, almost always at right angles. _calico _trefoil Small-scale allover floral A stylized three-petal flower or a leaf with three leaflets used design in bright colors originally from India. as a pattern motif or in an ornament, celtic knot trellis A knot formed by interfaced ribbons that lead seamlessly into one another. Same as A pattern featuring a supporting structure of interwoven pieces of wood or metal (latticework) sometimes adorned with climbing vines or flowers. everlasting knot. _chevron _wreath A traditional, woven or printed design of zigzags in a stripe layout, also called herringbone. A ring-shaped intertwined garland of flowers or leaves, often with ribbons and other decorations. _croquis _zalij A fully painted design that is not in repeat; same as sketch. The intricate geometric mosaic tilework created from sets of characteristic shapes, typically cut from enameled terracotta squares. Also called Zillij.

The ultimate Pattern Fashion vocabulary

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A fashion terms vocabulary about patterns: from Anthemion to Zalij, find out their meanings! Brought to you by Fractals




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