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gTransgender: an umbrella term meaning that sex and gender do not match. Expectations of sexes. Gender is the internal Gender sense of male or female "What's in between your ears." O+ Biologically defining sexes through genitals, chromosomes, etc. "What's in between your legs." The two most common types of transgender people are. MTF Tips People who were born with male bodies but identify as women. Pronunciation: FTM "f to m" MTF "m to f" FTM Think of the first letter as where a person starts and People who were born with female the second as bodies but identify as men. where they end up. O Berwoen.25% ana 1% or transgender. and 1% of the US population identifies as Between. to be attacked by a shark. You are more likely to be trans* than. to be a triplet? to be struck by lightning. Despite the high prevalance of transgender people, they are extremely in danger of. violence 3 out of 4 transgender youth experience sexual harassment at school? self-harm 1 out of 2 trangender people attempt suicide by age 20. discrimination 97% of transgender people have been mistreated at work because of being transgender? 13 states plus DC protect Yet, only transgender individuals from discrimination. WA ME OR MN IA -NJ IL CA CO NM This grophic is based upon data from the United States and was createdin Morch 2011 with the most recentinformation possible, however there is a lack of research and scholarship on the trans community. "Transgender" is a term that typically encompasses many identities, notjust people who seek hormones and surgery to transition to another sex. This can include individuals that identify as genderqueer, crossdressers, drag kings/queens ond transsexuals. However, sometimes people that technically fit terms that fol under the transgender umbrella do notnecessarily identify as transgender. Al of these identifies are not always countedin surveys or research regarding transgender people - further complicating reseorch and data. Transsexual (also spelled "transexual" to helpremove sexual connotations) refers to someone who seeks either hormones or surgery to alter their bodies so their physical body reflects their gender identity. The term "trons*" is meant to be inclusive of not only tronsgender people, but also of transsexuols ond transexuals. -The term "transvestite" technically means somecne who crossdresses for sexual pleasure, and is often seen as offensive. Besides "FTM" and "MTF," some other identities include "MTM" and "FTF." For example, those thatidentify as "MTM" may be intersex,raised as females but later identify and ive as male. Or, an MTM may fit the definition of an FTM but consider himself to have always been male, just locking the understonding ateorlier points in his life. There are other transgender individuols that consider their identities to be outside of the male/female binary and therefore do notuse acronyms. Insteod they may utlize terms like "genderqueer," "bigender," "polygender," or "genderfucked." Sources 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7 - 8- pdf


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This infographic explains what the term transgender really means. It explains ways of defining transgender and it exposes the problems that the transgender community faces.


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