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The Top Most Unsuccessful New Year's Resolutions

The Top 10 Most Unsuccessful New Year Resolutions FUTURE We have all been putting off making desired changes to our lifestyles for the last eleven months, but now, worn out and bloated from the Christmas and New Year festivities, the time has come again to make our resolutions. And this year, we'll stick to them... or not! Each new year, our resolutions last at best until February, with many lasting just a few days - or even hours! A sample of 1248 newsletter subscribers were asked their top most unsuccessful new year resolutions... Here, in reverse order, are the top ten... 10: Find a New Job As Confucius said, 'Find a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life', however the truth is that most people are stuck in jobs that they don't really like. Many of us make an effort in the new year to finally quit that boring 9 to 5 and find employment that either pays more or is more enjoyable, but sadly not many of us actually succeed. 3.9% 49 PEOPLE 9: Eat Healthier Food With the fast pace of modern life putting pressure on most families, many of us turn to the convenience of microwave meals and fast food, at least some of the time. It seems that maintaining a healthier diet is important to a lot of us, although making a resolution to stick to this is not always as easy as it sounds. 5.4% 68 PEOPLE 8: Stress Less Taking time out to relax and cut down on stress is definitely high on the list of important changes to make for many of us. Unfortunately this seems to be easier said than done, as a significant number of those asked said that they found this hard to achieve. 5.8% 72 PEOPLE 7: Travel More Seeing more of the world has always been something that we would like to do, and whether you want to jet off on an African adventure or simply visit more of the world's great cities, making a resoluion to do so is very common. It is sad to say that when it actually comes to booking more trips away, a high number of those asked never really get round to it. 6.3% 78 PEOPLE 6: Read More Surprisingly high on the list, a considerable number of those asked have previously set out to read more in the new year and failed. Kindles and Kobos aside, reading is still a very popular passtime, but it appears that many of us who try to make more time for it are unable to do so. 6.6% 82 PEOPLE 5: Save Money Cutting down on unnecessary expences in order to save some cash here and there is definitely something that a lot of people would like to do. Times are still tough for a lot of us, and any savings we can make are a bonus, but in truth it seems that this is more difficult than many people initially think. 7.9% 99 PEOPLE 4: Learn a New Skill How many times have you said to yourself that you will definitely start that photography night class, study that new language or learn the piano when the new year comes? You are not alone. A good proportion of us have great plans for developing new skills, but it appears that this rarely comes fruition. 8.3% 103 PEOPLE 3: Cut Down Drinking Even those of us who only normally enjoy the occasional tipple can be guilty of over indulging during Christmas and new year, and when that horrific hangover kicks in, many will swear never to touch a single drop again. Cutting down on the booze intake is high up on the list of changes that people try to make, but it seems that very few actaully manage it. 8.7% 108 PEOPLE 2: Lose Weight Many of us will put on a few pounds over the festive period, but what better time to start shedding those pounds than the new year? True, we may start with good intentions, but unsurprisingly, according to the survey an awful lot of us soon slip back into our old habits. 9.9% 123 PEOPLE 1: Give Up Smoking Predictaby, the age old new year resolution of quitting smoking is way out in front when it comes to failed attempts. E-cigs are all the rage at the moment, but that dosen't mean that people are finding it any easier to finally rid themselves of the demon weed. 12.7% 158 PEOPLE Study carried out between 16/12/2013 and 26/12/2013 Note: The top ten were voted by 940 of the 1248 participants. The remaining 308 participants provided a mixture of other resolutions not listed here. CREATED BY Copyright © 2013

The Top Most Unsuccessful New Year's Resolutions

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A recent survey conducted by asked participants to provide their most unsuccessful new year's resolution and the results are depicted in this infographic.


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