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Top Jobs in 2014

TOP JOBS CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists International recently identified the fastest-growing jobs in today's workforce. The number of open positions for these occupations has increased [ IN 2014 significantly since 2010 - so, too, has the demand for professionals to fill these jobs. HIGH GROWTH AND HIGH DEMAND TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT SPECIALISTS With more companies focusing on internal training and development programs, specialists in this field are among 2014's most sought-after candidates. Training and development specialists help design and deliver programs to enhance participants' knowledge and skills on a multitude of topics, ranging from abstract soft-skill topics to concrete vocational training. A CAREER THAT'S GROWING AND IN DEMAND 8% job growth 5 active candidates for every 10 jobs posted since 2010 Compatible Occupations EDUCATIONAL LEVEL 2% Doctorate or professional degree 13% Master's degree MANAGEMENT ANALYST HEALTH EDUCATOR 38% Bachelor's degree SECONDARY/POSTSECONDARY EDUCATION TEACHER 9% Associate degree OFFICE AND ADMINISTRATIVE SUPERVISOR 23% Some college, no degree Years of Experience COMMON EDUCATIONAL COURSES OR PROGRAMS Human resources development/management Personnel administration 1-2 years 6% 3-5 years 14% TOP SKILLS 6-10 years 27% Ability to give instruction Social perceptiveness Clerical Learning strategies 11-15 years 21% Verbal and written communication Reading comprehension MEDIAN ANNUAL SALARY TOP CITIES TO FIND TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST JOBS $56,450 • New York, NY • Boston, MA • Oakland, CA • Houston, TX FIND A TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST JOB: CAREERBUILDER.COM/TRAININGJOBS14 PHYSICAL THERAPISTS Physical therapists assess, plan, organize and participate in rehabilitative programs for the benefit of patient recovery. People in these roles focus on patient treatment plans that improve mobility, relieve pain, increase strength and improve or correct disabling conditions resulting from disease or injury. They work in a variety of health care environments. A CAREER THAT'S GROWING AND IN DEMAND 4 active candidates for every 7% job growth since 2010 100 jobs posted EDUCATIONAL LEVEL Compatible Occupations 15% ctorate or professional degree 34% Master's degree OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST ATHLETIC TRAINER 42% Bachelor's degree CHIROPRACTOR REGISTERED NURSE Associate degree 2% Some college, no degree Years of Experience COMMON EDUCATIONAL COURSES OR PROGRAMS Physical therapy Kinesiotherapy 1-2 years 13% 3-5 years 21% TOP SKILLS 6-10 years 29% Time management Customer service Instructional leadership Public speaking Social perceptiveness 11-15 years 17% MEDIAN ANNUAL SALARY TOP CITIES TO FIND PHYSICAL THERAPIST JOBS $78,894 • Chicago, IL • Dallas, TX • Philadelphia, PA • Atlanta, GA FIND A PHYSICAL THERAPIST JOB: CAREERBUILDER.COM/PHYSICALTHERAPIST14 INTERPRETERS AND TRANSLATORS In our global economy, interpreters and translators have become essential to businesses and individuals everywhere. These roles require tremendous agility to understand verbal, written or sign language across multiple dialects to aid communication. They must also understand the unspoken cultural complexities between two people trying to communicate. These roles exist in a wide variety of industries, including health care, professional services and education. A CAREER THAT'S GROWING AND IN DEMAND 14% job growth 13 active candidates for every since 2010 50 jobs posted Compatible Ocupations EDUCATIONAL LEVEL 5% Doctorate or professional degree 14% Master's degree 30% Bachelor's degree FOREIGN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE INSTRUCTOR INTELLIGENCE ANALYST LIBRARIAN 14% Associate degree BROADCAST NEWS ANALYST 23% Some college, no degree Years of Experience COMMON EDUCATIONAL COURSES OR PROGRAMS Linguistics General foreign languages and literature 1-2 years 9% 3-5 years 18% TOP SKILLS 6-10 years 28% Reading comprehension Customer service Verbal and written communication skills Active listening Social perceptiveness Critical thinking 11-15 years 18% MEDIAN ANNUAL SALARY TOP CITIES TO FIND INTERPRETER AND TRANSLATOR JOBS $46,570 • Washington, D.C. • Minneapolis, MN • Baltimore, MD Los Angeles, CA FIND AN INTERPRETER OR TRANSLATOR JOB: CAREERBUILDER.COM/TRANSLATOR14 PETROLEUM ENGINEERS When it comes to oil and gas, petroleum engineers run the show. Petroleum engineers are responsible for devising methods to improve oil and gas extraction and production, and they also oversee drilling operations and advise on technical issues. The nature of the job also requires engineers to have a great depth of knowledge in both technology and in earth sciences. A CAREER THAT'S GROWING AND IN DEMAND 21.3% job growth 7 active candidates for every 20 jobs posted since 2010 EDUCATIONAL LEVEL Compatible Occupations 6% Doctorate or professional degree ENERGY/WIND ENERGY 20% Master's degree ENGINEER 60% Bachelor's degree 3% Associate degree GEOSCIENTIST WATER RESOURCE SPECIALIST MECHATRONICS ENGINEER 7% Some college, no degree Years of Experience COMMON EDUCATIONAL COURSES OR PROGRAMS Petroleum engineering 1-2 years 13% TOP SKILLS 3-5 years 21% Mathematics Reading comprehension 6-10 years 26% Systems evaluation Critical thinking Science 11-15 years 14% Operation monitoring MEDIAN ANNUAL SALARY TOP CITIES TO FIND PETROLEUM ENGINEER JOBS $132,430 • Lafayette, LA • Oklahoma City, OK Denver, CO • Anchorage, AK FIND A PETROLEUM ENGINEER JOB: CAREERBUILDER.COM/ENGINEERING14 DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR Database administrators oversee the daily digital operations for many organizations. They monitor, test and update various database management systems to protect computer networks and information, and they stay on top of changes in the digital space. Database administrators may also help implement security measures to ensure the safety of their organizations and the customers they serve. A CAREER THAT'S GROWING AND IN DEMAND 10% job growth 14 active candidates for every 100 jobs posted since 2010 Compatible Occupations EDUCATIONAL LEVEL 2% Doctorate or professional degree WEB DEVELOPER 20% Master's degree 46% Bachelor's degree COMPUTER NETWORK ARCHITECT SOFTWARE QUALITY 10% ASSURANCE ENGINEER/TESTER Associate degree 17% COMPUTER SYSTEMS ANALYST Some college, no degree Years of Experience COMMON EDUCATIONAL COURSES OR PROGRAMS Computer and informational sciences Data modeling/warehousing and database administration 1-2 years 5% Computer and information assurance 11% 3-5 years 6-10 years 35% TOP SKILLS 11-15 years 21% Judgment and decision-making Reading comprehension Monitoring Systems analysis and evaluation Complex problem-solving Mathematics MEDIAN ANNUAL SALARY TOP CITIES TO FIND DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR JOBS $77,770 • Atlanta, GA • Chicago, IL • San Jose, CA • New York, NY FIND A DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR JOB: CAREERBUILDER.COM/DATABASEADMIN14 Source: Economic Modeling Specialists Inti., a CareerBuilder company, turns labor market data into useful information that helps organizations understand the connection between economies, people, and work. Using sound economic principles and good data, EMSI builds user-friendly services that help educational institutions, workforce planners, and regional developers build a better workforce and improve the economic conditions in their regions. careerbuilder For more information, visit:

Top Jobs in 2014

shared by CareerBuilder on Apr 03
CareerBuilder identified 5 high-growth jobs in 2014 that show promise for job seekers with bachelor's degrees. These fields have been growing since 2010!



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