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Top Issues Facing Australia - March 2013

Ipsos Social Research Institute THE TOP ISSUES FACING AUSTRALIA MARCH 2013 What would you say are the three most important issues facing Australia? 50% Concerns around healthcare retun as anxieties around cost of living subside Cost of living concerns most acute in month prior to 'Carbon Tax' Ohealthcare 40% cost of living 30% crime the economy immigration 20% Five days of disaster. $135B wiped from ASX in one week Nauru and Manus Islands re-opened as offshore asylum-seeker processing centres 10% Anxieties around crime peak. Is second most important issue facing the nation BASE: representative sample of c.1,000 Australian adults age 18+ each month, interviewed online 0% Nov Jan Mar May Jul Sep Nov Jan Mar May Jul Sep Nov Jan Mar 2010 2011 2012 2013 MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE FOR... AGE GENDER LOCATION 33% 41% 56% 38% 52% 42% 50% 18 - 29 30 - 49 50+ cost of living healthcare healthcare healthcare healthcare healthcare healthcare MOST CAPABLE OF MANAGING... Please select the political party that you believe is most capable of managing each of the following issues HEALTHCARE COST OF LIVING CRIME THE ECONOMY IMMIGRATION ALP 21% 19% 15% 20% 16% LIB-NAT 32% 36% 33% 41% 36% 2% I 2% I GREEN 4% 3% 3% 5% OTHER 2% I 2% I 3% 2% DON'T KNOW 23% 23% 28% 20% 22% NONE 17% 18% 18% 15% 18% 40% 0% 10% 20% 10% 20% 10% 20% 10% IN SUMMARY It is not surprising that the Coalition is considered better placed to manage concerns around 'Cost of Living', 'Crime', The Economy and certainly 'Immigration' - their historical strong points. However, Australians also regard the Coalition better placed to manage 'Healthcare', a traditional strength of the ALP, synonymous with their brand and an area where they could potentially positively differentiate from the opposition. Concern for the Gillard Government, however, is that it may be far, far too late to re-convince the electorate about their capability to deliver a strong healthcare system for all Australians. The infighting, demonstrated disorganisation, ministerial comings and goings, scandals and poor appointments bring to question whether there is any credibility left in the brand and whether anyone will bother to listen if there is. One area in which the current Government appears to be making progress is 'Cost of Living'. While Austra- lians will always be concerned about the cost and standard of living, the degree to which they are concerned fluctuates. In 2012, situational changes such as a tripling of the tax-free threshold for low-income earners, 'carbon tax' rebates for families and pensioners and a series of cuts to the cash rate for mortgagees were designed - in part – to reduce anxiety about cost and standard of living. These changes take time to come into effect and it appears we are observing a shift as concern around 'Cost of Living' declines. Whether Australians are able to be reassured in time to see a tightening in the polls prior to September is yet to be seen. Rebecca Huntley [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] @DanlpsosSRI

Top Issues Facing Australia - March 2013

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