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Top House Plans by State TOP HOUSE PLAN STYLES BY STATE Is the ever-popular Craftsman home as ubiquitous as it seems? The map below shows the most popular residential architectural styles in each U.S. state – based on online house plan sales – and each state's median age range. Architectural Styles Median Age I CRAFTSMAN I CONTEMPORARY I TRADITIONAL O TRANSITIONAL I COUNTRY I EUROPEAN A 40 + 37.5 - 39.9 • 35 - 37.4 < 35 Based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau: and online sales from 2009-2011 Which Age Groups Prefer Craftsman Homes? 100 06- -80 Craftsman was the top style across all age groups – particularly the 40+ crowd. -70 In 86% of states with a median age of 40 or 50 40 30 older, Craftsman was the top style. This chart shows the percentage of states in each median 40% 61% 70% 86% F10 age range that preferred Craftsman homes. < 35 35 - 37.4 37.5 - 39.9 40 + Preferred Styles Among Each Age Group < 35 35 - 37.4 37.5 - 39.9 40 + I Craftsman I Craftsman Craftsman I Transitional I Traditional Craftsman Traditional Traditional Contemporary I Traditional Contemporary Contemporary I European Country Timeline of U.S. TRANSITIONAL Architectural Late 1000s The term "transitional architecture" was initially used to describe the blending of Romanesque and Gothic styles seen in Western Europe in the late 11th century. Today, it more broadly refers to the blending of any two architectural styles - most commonly a contemporary open floor plan that transitions to a traditional exterior. Styles EUROPEAN COLONIAL 100000 1600 1600 In the U.S., European design Colonial architecture stems from the early days of U.S. colonization. Usually made of wood, these homes often featured prominent chimneys and were heavily influenced by European styles. Colonial design encompasses several influences stretch back to colonial days, when colonists built their homes in the style of their origin countries. Today's European aesthetic showcases Old World touches from a variety of styles - from French Country to Spanish to English Tudor - often melding them together to create a familiar yet original design. Homes with a European distinct regional styles, including Dutch, French and Southern. flavor are typically made of brick, stone or stucco. 17000 CAPE COD late 1600s VICTORIAN 1825 Designed to withstand New England's stormy coastal weather, this simple and symmetrical style is best Also known as the Queen Anne style, Victorian architecture is asymmetrical and highly decorative, with known for its steep, pitched gable roof - often with dormer windows - as well as its plain front and central chimney. ornamental details such as turrets, dormer windows, wraparound h8e00 porches, bay windows, spindle or fretwork and other decorative elements. TRADITIONAL 1850s As one of the most COUNTRY pervasive house plan styles 1885 in the U.S., the traditional aesthetic often features Country home design is a elements borrowed from a variety of historic styles, such as Colonial broad term that can refer to styles from a wide variety of eras and regions. In the U.S., porches, gabled roofs and dormer windows. Traditional home 19dod design has roots extending back to the Colonial period, but It was the development of the railroad system that caused this it is commonly used to describe the style of homes developed from style to spread across the American landscape. roughly 1885-1939, when it was popular among wealthy industrialists to invest in large country estates in order to escape from the city. Country house plans often feature boxy footprints with spacious porches, centered entryways, large CRAFTSMAN 1890s kitchens and a cozy hearth. The American Craftsman home developed as a backlash to the opulence of CONTEMPORARY the Victorian era. Inspired by 1950s on 20000 the British Arts and Crafts movement in the late 19th century, American Craftsman house plans emphasize simplicity, clean Contemporary design encompasses a diverse lines, natural materials and sturdy craftsmanship - a style well-suited to the developing middle class. Craftsman-style homes remain some of the most sought-after in the U.S. range of styles, often with an emphasis on large windows, open spaces, sleek lines and bold geometric shapes. Copyright © Alan Mascord Design Associates

Top House Plans by State

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We took a look at the most sought-after architectural styles in each state and discovered that the Craftsman home plan is not only popular across all age groups, but it remains a top choice from one e...





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