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Top Fitness Trends and Gadgets Through the Decades

EBATES TOP FITNESS TRENDS & GADGETS THROUGH THE DECADES EARLY FADS Charles Atlas Rose to popularity in the 1920s Fitness program was inspired by the lions at the Bronx Zoo Electric Muscle Stimulator 1761: Scientists first proved that external electricity can activate muscles Claims for EMS ab belts would say they are "equivalent to 1,500 sit-ups per hour" Initial workout machines were Wonder Cycle Exercisulator 1930s strange (and steampunk) Early treadmill 1923 Vibrating Slimming Belt 1950s - 1970s Sauna Suits 60 Became popular in the 1960s Product claims included: 1 pound of weight loss for every 1 pint of sweat Still used today: Khloe Kardashian praises her sauna suit Vacuum Slacks Invented in 1978, "Vacuum Slacks" later appeared in "The Golden Girls," and were worn by Rose NordicTrack 1975: Product launched 大 2015: 40 professional dancers jogged in place on NordicTracks for 12 hours to film a "fitness flash mob" 1980s Jane Fonda Aerobics In 1982, when VCRS were starting to get popular, "Jane Fonda's Workout" home video was made for $50,000 Her net worth now totals over $120 million D Fonda made her last video in 2010 at the age of 72 Bowflex 1986: Launched Despite a hefty price tag of $1,000, the unwieldy home gym system often sat unused, making it a "very expensive clothes hanger" Richard 1988: Launched Simmons' "Sweatin' to the Oldies" Simmons helped people lose 3 million pounds over his 30-year career 1990s ThighMaster 1991: Product launched; 6 million sold in the first 18 months, thanks to campy cult favorite infomercials starring Suzanne Somers Ab Roller 1994: Launched $1 billion in worldwide sales Lucrative commercials made these so popular that when inventor Don Brown was issued his product patent, there were already 27 product knock-offs that launched in just 2 years 1980s and '90s: Pilates went mainstream Pilates 1912: Developed in Germany by Joseph Pilates while he was in an internment camp during World War I Today: 10 million practitioners 2000s CARMEN ELECTRN Pole Dance Workouts 2003: Carmen Electra released the first "Aerobic Striptease" DVD in her five-part series The International Pole 2 Dancing Fitness Association has been pushing for the sport to be in the Olympics OZVMBA 2001: Founded Zumba 2 2007 to '10: 4,000% growth Celebrity fans: Madonna Natalie Portman Shakira Halle Berry Jennifer Lopez Jackie Chan CAN I AKCE O SUCH TS ILL Shake 2009: Launched Weight The inadvertently suggestive nature of the product made its infomercials go viral and inspired hundreds of parodies 2010s 2010: Hit the market and spiked in popularity Toning Shoes $1.1 billion in annual sales Although these once-popular shoes had sales of $252 million in just four months and were heavily endorsed by celebrities, shoe companies were eventually forced to pay over $65 million in refunds due to false advertising CrossFit $4 billion annual revenue generated by the brand With a cult following of over 4 million participants, this fitness regimen was started by college-dropout-turned- millionaire Greg Glassman, who claims that CrossFit is "creating a new super breed" of human Yoga 63 $27 billion industry Americans spend (in billions): $5.8 $4.6 $3.6 Yoga classes Yoga clothes Yoga mats and accessories Yoga has been around for 5,000 years, but the number of Americans practicing it has increased by 50% in the past four years to 36 million 2016: The athleisure market, including footwear, was $270 billion, and it's cutting into jean sales Athleisure Trending for 2017 Facial Fitness Pao The Japanese product exercises face muscles The Digital Frontier 44 million units sold of Wii Fit (2007) and Wii Fit Plus (2009) Wii Fit $1.86 billion 2007: Launched Fitbit 20.8 million sold $754 million CSD Revenues: 10 $271.1 $14.5 $76.4 million million million 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Wearable The Lumo Run shorts and Technology leggings track information about your steps and stride Health and Fitness 2014: This category grew 87% faster than any other type of app Apps 2016 top fitness apps: SparkPeople My Fitness Pal Sworkit Fitstar Pocket Runkeeper Personal Yoga Trainer EBATES

Top Fitness Trends and Gadgets Through the Decades

shared by ebates on May 03
Fitness and gadget trends have definitely underwent dramatic transformation over the past few decades, but I guess nobody can say for sure, until now. Check out this amazing infographic prepared by eB...




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