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Top 5 Advantages of Renewable Energy

Remanable Energy Is Well Renowable Top 5 Тор 5 Avantages of Renewable Emvironmental Benefits 21 Reliable Energy Source Economic Benefits Energy Stabilize Energy Prices 1 1 , Well, Renewable Renewable Energy Is, This means it has infinity of sustainability and we will never run out of it. Other sources of energy like coal, oil and gas are limited and will run out some day. Renewable energy can reduce our dependence on fuels and energy from foreign governments. Environmental Benefits 2. It is clean and results in little to no greenhouse and net carbon emissions. It will not deplete our natural resources and have minimal, if any, negative impacts on the environment, with no waste products of Co2. 3. Reliable Energy Source Our dependence on fossil fuels has increased consideràbly in last few decades. The result is that our nationál security continues to be threatened by our dependence on fossil fuels which are vulnérable to political instabilities, trade disputes, wars, and high prices. Hydropower 7% Other Renewable 7% Nuclear 19% Other: less than 2% Natural Gas 27% Coal 39% Economic Benefits Renewable energy is also cheaper and more economically sound than other sources of generated energy. It is estimated that as a result of renewable energy manufacturing, hundreds of thousands of stable jobs will be created. save money JOBS Stabilize Energy Prices Switching to renewable energy sources also means steady pricing on energy. Since the cost of renewable energy is dependent on the invested money and not the increasing or decreasing or inflated cost of the natural resource. WESRCH

Top 5 Advantages of Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy is classified as energy that comes from resources like sun light (known as solar). Let's learn about what is the Advantages of renewable energy.






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