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Top 10 Most Impactful Christian Charities

Top 10 Christian Charities for End of Year Giving in 2012 Matthew 22:37 and Mark 12:30 Mathew 22:36-39 "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. "We are to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, strength and mind, and our neighbors as ourselves." Are you a One Percenter? Seven billion people ALL created in the image of God Over 1 billion people earn less than $1,000 a year and attempt to live on less than $2 each day One percent of people in our world earn more $50,000 or more annually โ€“ these are the world's "wealthy and blessed" One Percenters How do we choose the right Christian charities? Evaluate on a eternal return of investment (EROI) basis: ministries which offer the greatest opportunity to invest in lives saved, disciples made, orphans and poor children fed, clean water to African villagers โ€“ all in Jesus' name Currently where does the donation go? Is there a reliable way to identify these charities? According to, who has worked with kingdom investors, large Christian foundations, World Christian Trend research, and most importantly integrated biblical principles, there are many Christian ministries that make 30,000x greater difference than how most Christian contributions are being utilized today 97% of all Christian giving is used to minister to Christians - mostly to the wealthiest christians only 2.93% of all Christian giving is used to minister to evangelized non-Christians Only 0.3% of all Christian giving makes it to the billions of the world's poorest, lost people Faith Comes By Hearing FAITH COMES BY HEARING YOU Individuals like you can make a HUGE EROI impact that can surpass $1.75 per person to bring them through the New Testament with organized Christian ministries audio bibles recorded in native tongues globally JESUSFilm GLOBAL MEDIA HARVEST PARTNERS YOUTREACH A Witness To AN Nations JESUS FILM HARVEST PARTNERS GLOBAL MEDIA OUTREACH For every $3 you give to this ministry, a person comes to Over 50 million people have been reached online with an average know Jesus as their savior cost of 65ยข per person Compassion E GOSPEL FOR ASIA in feu name COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL GOSPEL FOR ASIA $1 a day can provide the daily needs of a child including food, water, clothing, education and discipleship in Christ $7 a day provides full-time support for a missionary in countries where western missionaries are not welcome WOLLD FLRI INTERNATONAL LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE LEGACY WORLD MISSION On average, $250 trains and An average of $2.30 feeds a child per month in Uganda - many of the children are orphans mobilizes a leader of 100 other leaders โ€“ that's $2.50 per person idge The 10 EEQUIP Eqipaing Leaders Io Heach Our Worid 410 BRIDGE EQUIP $0.60 provides a person with $0.70 per lesson for 3 years clean water for a year with Dr. John Maxwell's in Kenya and Haiti international discipleship training program For complete details and giving options, visit ROI Ministry ISION

Top 10 Most Impactful Christian Charities

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Top 10 Christian Charities with the most impact based on eROI evaluation - published by ROI Ministry Inc.


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