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A Toast To Wine

A TOAST TO WINE Uncorking the numbers behind America's love of vino AMERICANS NOW MAKE UP THE LARGEST WINE MARKET IN THE WORLD consuming 13% of the wine produced globally 45% OF AMERICAN ADULTS DRINK WINE 11% of wine drinkers take a sip every day WINE CONSUMPTION IN THE U.S. Year Wine per resident Total gallons 2008 2.45 gals 746 million 2009 2.49 gals 763 million 2010 2.53 gals 784 million 2011 2.68 gals 836 million 2012 2.73 gals 856 million What types of alcohol do U.S. adults prefer? 22%- liquor 21% liquor 20% wine Women 52% Men wine 23%- beer 55% beer Most popular varieties of table wine in the U.S. by market share Chardonnay 21% WINE SALES IN THE U.S. Year Millions of 9-liter cases of wine Total retail value Cabernet Sauvignon 12% 2008 313.8 $30 billion Merlot 9% 2009 321.1 $28.7 billion Pinot Grigio/Gris 8% 2010 329.7 $30 billion 2011 351,5 $32.9 billion 2012 360,1 $34.6 billion Top 10 wine destinations in the U.S. Sonoma County, California Napa Valley, California Willamette Valley, Oregon Finger Lakes, New York 175,000 332,000 Long Island, New York Paso Robles, California Number of U.S. retail outlets that sell wine Number of U.S. restaurants, bars and other locations that serve wine Temecula, California Walla Walla, Washington Palisade, Colorado Plymouth, California CALIFORNIA ACCOUNTS FOR ALMOST 90% OF ALL U.S. WINE PRODUCTION WINE PRODUCTION IN THE U.S. 755 NUMBER OF WINERIES IN THE U.S. more than 7,000 Total gallons 685 (in millions) AVERAGE PRICE OF A BOTTLE OF TABLE WINE IN U.S. $6.30 COST OF TRADER JOE'S POPULAR 615 "TWO-BUCK CHUCK" 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 It's not actually a $2 wine. It retails for $2.49 to $3.79 a bottle, depending on where you buy it. Year TOP THREE WINE COMPANIES IN THE U.S. 1. E & J Gallo 2. The Wine Group 3. Constellation Brands Familiar brands: Barefoot Refresh, Bartles & Jaymes, Boone's Farm, Carlo Rossi Familiar brands: Almaden Vineyards, Flipflop, Macaron, Mogen David Familiar brands: Clos du Bois, Manischewitz, Robert Mondavi, Thorny Rose TIPS FOR STORING WINE WORLD'S MOST EXPENSIVE BOTTLE OF WINE SOLD BY A WINERY Store wine horizontally, unless it's champagne or sparkling wine. The completely glass-encased Penfolds Limited Edition Ampoule sells for $168,00. Only 12 editions of the wine were produced. As a rule of thumb, store blush, rosé and dry white wines at 46-57°. Sparkling wines and champagne should be chilled to 43-47°. Light red wine should stay under 55°, and deep red wines should be at 59-66°. Keep wine in the dark; if your self-storage isn't dark enough, wrap bottles in cloth to protect them from sunlight. Maintain a humidity level of 60-75%. Sources Store red wine for 2-10 years, and white wine for 2-3 years. Presented by storage/wine-storage.html SpareFoot N NOWSOURCING html gets-a-price-hike

A Toast To Wine

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This infographic provides a deeper look into the numbers behind America's love of wine.



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