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TIEDIY For every type of tie comes a ton of ways to tie it. Unless, of course, you're still relying on cheesy clip-ons or amateur YouTube tutorials to scrape by without the proper knot knowledge. Fear not, loose-collared gents: Every Knot You Need to Know For those not-in-the-know looking to learn the basics or maybe mix up their style for work and play, we've got you covered with every knot you'll ever need to know, and then some. Featuring tips direct from Setting the Bar's Dan Trepanier Dan on Tie Bars: "Simple, minimal and silver. Wear it at the sternum just below the chest and make sure it's never wider than your tie." "Don't forget: Pull the top part of the tie up a little, creating a subtle "bow" above the tie bar – adding depth and visual interest to the look The Skinny on Width Dan: "Skinny ties are for skinny guys. The width of your tie should be in (and proving the bar is functional in attaching the tie to the shirt)." proportion to your frame and shoulder breadth, just like the width of your jacket lapels. Lapels should cover about half the distance to the shoulder, and your Going the Distance tie should be about the same width as your lapels (at their respective widest points)." Dan on Tie Length: "The tip of the tie should hit the vertical midpoint of the belt or waistband." Four in Hand Dan's pick: "Tm strictly a four-in-hand guy. It's quick, easy and achieves a nice dimple below the knot.. after all, James Bond never trusted a man in a Windsor knot." THE FOUR BASICS Half Windsor Shell Windsor Knot And if you can tie your shoes, you can most certainly learn. SOME KNOTS OF WHICH YOUKNEW NOT The Bow Tie The Pratt The Ediety You wouldn't wear a clip-on in lieu of a self-tied knot, would you? Ditch the pre-tied bowtie and learn to tie your shoelaces from a different angle with this surprisingly easy bowtie knot. For added swagger, wear it a bit messy • (because symmetry be damned!) AKA "Shelby" knot, the Pratt is tidy, symmetric and slightly thinner than the Half Windsor, making it a solid alternative to the Windsor As seen by astute viewers of "The Matrix" series, this knot sported by the very French, very fashionable Merovingian is a unique, backward triangle-looking tie sure to impress and astound. for your thicker ties. The Kelvin The Nicky The Small Just like the Pratt, the Nicky is done upside-down, but this allows for Great for narrow, cotton AKA the "Oriental" or ties, this variation on the Four in Hand adds size "Kent," the Small knot is the simplest, and self-release, meaning you can take it off just by tugging the knot down. with none of the bulk. also the smallest. Great for use on a very thick or short tie. Gillette FusIÓn PROGLIDE STYLER THE HUFFINGTON POST powERED EY BRAUN


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We've got you covered with every tie knot you'll ever need to know and thensome!






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