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Those Kids Today

THOSE KIDS TODAY KIDS WILL BE KIDS, BUT HOW MUCH DO THEY CHANGE OVER THE COURSE OF A GENERATION? The typical teenager in the early 1980s was rocking a Walkman and had just seen "E.T.". Today's average kid? He has a cellphone in his pocket, he listens to Rihanna, he's less likely to finish high school, and he's more likely to practice safe sex. 1982 2012 Top 3 artists MUSIC Top 3 artists Olivia Newton-John Adele Rihanna Survivor Katy Perry Joan Jett and the Blackhearts E.T. MOVIES Twilight: Breaking Dawn Fast Times at Ridgemont High Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 2 VIDEO GAMES PS3. PlayStation 3 Caleco Vision Xbox SPORTS STARS Pete Rose LeBron James WORKING $60.30 $130 a week a week Assuming the teen works 18 hours during the school year for minimum wage. CELL PHONES What the heck is a cellphone? About 3 in 4 teens has a cellphone MARIJUANA USE 30% 20% CIGARETTE USE 30% 18% CAREER ASPIRATION Physical Agriculture management sciences and natural resources Engineering Biological Business Business Social Health Education Visual/ sciences/ and related history sciences performing areas arts 1982 2012 DRIVER'S LICENSE 52% 43% kids 15-17 had their driver's license kids 15-17 had their driver's license in 2004 SAT SCORES 997 1,011 (minus writing portion added in 2006) GRADUATION RATE 77.5% 72% DIVERSITY 1.3% Asian/ Pacific Islander .5% 1.2% Other 79.9% American Indian/ 54.9% White White Alaska Native 1980 2008 6.3% Hispanic Asian/ Pacific Islander 11.6% 21.5% 17% Black Hispanic Black GETTING READY FOR COLLEGE? Today's child is much more likely to expect to further his education. 2.1% 58.3% Other 35.4% 79.2% School Full-time work School 1980 2004 6.3% 18.7% Other Full-time work TOP FOREIGN LANGUAGES By the mid-1980s, nearly a third of high school students were enrolled in a foreign language. Today, the figure is approaching 50 percent. 1985 2000 Spanish 18% 30% French 9.2% 8% German 2.5% 2.1% Russian O.1% 1%1 Italian O.4% .5% Japanese O% 0.4% Other, modern O.1% 1.3% Latin 1.4% 1.3% SEX AND SAFETY By age 19, 70 percent of teens have had sex, but are they being safe? About 55% 81.5% 1980 2012 of kids use contraception the first time of kids use contraception during their first sexual encounter SOURCES BROUGHT TO YOU BY:

Those Kids Today

shared by parentinginformer on Feb 17
Kids will be kids, but how much do they change over the generations. 1982 vs. 2012


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