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Is there money in e-books

Presents NOW IS THERE If you're thinking of publishing a book, no doubt all you've heard i: “Don't bother with print, publish an e-book!" But are e-books really as profitable as they seem? We take a look at how many are being published every year and who's making money off them. NOVEL MONEY IN E-BOOKS? U.S. BOOK SALES OVER THE LAST TWO YEARS: Between 2011 and 2012, e-books increased their market share from 6% to 30% of the entire U.S. market, that's 80 million e-books. (2012 11% 3% 25% 32% 30% Paperback Hardcover Paperback (2011 25% 36%24% 2%] 14% Adult Paperback Adult Hardcover Adult e-Books U.S. E-BOOK MARKET SHARE OF ALL BOOKS SOLD 2008 to 2012 In the last 4 years, e-books have leapt from 1% of the market to 30% and are expected to be up to 50% by 2016. 19% 30% 8% 3% 1% THE MOST POPULAR E-BOOK PLATFORMS Kindle wins hands down in the e-book market share. 67% Kindle 25% 5% Apple 1% Smashwords AUTHOR REVENUE FROM DIFFERENT PLATFORMS e-Books means the author gets more money in there back pocket: traditional publishing they would make 5-12%, with Smashwords they can make up to 85%. AUTHOR PUBLISHER AGENT/RETAILER TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING SCRIBD.COM PUBLISHER AGENT SCRIBD 12% 80% 8% 80% 20% KINDLE - BELOW $2.99 KINDLE - ABOVE $2.99 KINDLE KINDLE 35% 65% 75% 30% SMASHWORDS & PARTNERS SMASHWORDS.COM SMASH WORDS RETAIL ER SMASH WORDS 60% 20% 20% 85% 15% THE GLOBAL E-BOOK MARKET These countries are most excited about e-books: - USA GER CHN Tiles 950 000 Billion $28 Tides 25 000 Billion $12.6 Titles 200 000 Billion $8.2 Market Share 1% Market Share 9% Market Share 30% UK BRA Titles 1 000 000 Billion $4.5 Market Share 6% Titles 4000 Billion $1.8 Market Share 1% The US is leading the charge in e-books, and this shows what the potential growth is in all of these international markets. So is there money in e-books? Yes. And there's only going to be more of it in the years to come. Brought to you by: NOW NOVEL WRITE YOUR NOVEL, NOW! • • Adult Mass Market Adult Adult Mass Market e-Books Downloaded Audio Paperback Downloaded Audio

Is there money in e-books

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E-books: how much market share do they have? How are they growing? and who is making money out of them?


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