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Terrifying Truths & Myths About Halloween

TERRIFYING TRUTHS & HYTHS ABOUT RIp RIp HALLOWEEN RIP While Halloween is a fun holiday for costumes, treats, and parties, the institution of dressing up, roaming the town after dark, and taking candy from strangers can pose some risks. Though some concerns are largely exaggerated, there are some very real dangers to watch out for on this holiday. CYTHS CHILD PREDATORS ARE MORE ACTIVE ON HALLOWEEN Halloween potentially offers child predators a vast pool of unsupervised children who are ready to approach strangers and not suspicious of people in costume, concealing their identity. Many states have Halloween restrictions which may include: Forbidding sex offenders to set up decorations Forbidding sex offenders from answering the door Requiring a sign in front of the residence that specifies "No Candy or Treats at this Requiring that sex offenders turn off lights around the porch or garage to hand out treats Residence" Though Halloween home visits are regularly conducted, officers are skeptical about the impact they have. Research has shown no correlation between Halloween and child sex crimes. "I HAVE DOUBTS AS TO WHETHER THESE HOME CONTACTS YIELD AN ACTUAL DETERRENT EFFECT." RIP -ANONYMOUS OFFICER HALLOWEEN SADISM IS A COMMON PRACTICE The term "Halloween sadism" refers to the practice of intentionally giving children tainted candy on Halloween. Frightened parents conjure images of apples filled with razor blades and candy that's poisoned or stuffed with pins. Despite these rampant fears, the truth is less compelling. Most cases of illness or injury related to Halloween candy are not the result of random poisoning from a stranger. In a 2011 Harris poll, 24% of parents with children age 12 and under were concerned about Halloween sadism. 24% RIP RIP RIP лл 1970 1974 1990 An eight-year-old child died from consuming Halloween candy laced with cyanide. A child collapsed trick-or-treating and the media initially blamed A five-year-old child consumed a fatal amount of heroin reportedly found in his Halloween candy. Halloween sadism. HOWEVER HOWEVER HOWEVER It was later discovered that the heroin came from a relative's home. The candy was provided by his father who stood to receive a The child had a known heart condition and her death was large life insurance payout attributed to an enlarged heart. from his son's death. TRUTHS PEDESTRIAN FATALITIES SPIKE ON HALLOWEEN With a large number of children roaming the streets after dark and many adults who have been to a holiday bash, Halloween sees exceptionally high pedestrian accident rates. 23% 38% Between 2007 and 2011, 23% of In 2011, 38% of fatalities on Halloween pedestrian fatalities on Halloween involved a crash with a driver or involved a drunk driver. motorcyclist with a BAC of .08 or higher. HALLOWEEN IS AN ACCIDENT-PRONE TIME There are a variety of injuries and accidents that hospitals see around Halloween. The pre-teen set experiences the most injuries, and sporting accidents are prevalent. Unknown ages 15-19 21.7% ages 5 & under Laceration 23.2% 27.7% 26.3% ages 5-9 18.7% Concussion 1.6% Sprain/Strain Contusion/ Abrasion 16.2% 19.3% 14.9% ages 10-14 Fracture 30.3% HALLOWEEN RELATED INJURIES INJURY DIAGNOSES PRODUCTS ASSOCIATED WITH HOLIDAY-RELATED INJURIES Percentage in 5-day holiday period Percentage on halloween Football Stairs/Ramps/Landings/Floors Basketball Bed/Mattresses/Pillows 11.8% 11.4% 10.2% 11.8% 5.0% 3.9% 4.1% 4.3% Chairs/Sofas/Sofa Beds Playground Equipment Bicycles 3.4% 3.7% 3.4% • 2.7% 3.1% 3.8% FIRES INCREASE AROUND HALLOWEEN In the 3-day period surrounding Halloween, fires increase significantly. RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RIP RI Candle fires account and 166 deaths throughout the for approximately 1,289 injuries entire year Halloween is the fourth highest day for home candle fires RIP =100 injuries =10 deaths STAY SAFE THIS HALLOWEEN WITH THESE TIPS Put reflective tape on Travel with a flashlight Wear flame-resistant Keep costumes close-fitting and avoid flowing that pose a tripping hazard clothing when you're out after dark costumes and capes Use established crosswalks Never leave candle-lit jack o'lanterns and luminaries and look carefully before crossing the street unattended BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Portland State UNIVERSITY SOURCES 8-8 8-8 8-8-8

Terrifying Truths & Myths About Halloween

shared by mrchibolin on Oct 31
Increased pedestrian fatalities, home candle fires and other holiday-related injuries are all real dangers and I wanted to stress the importance of staying safe. I also thought to debunk a few myths r...


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