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The Tall Man's Formal Wear Fit Guide

THE TALL MAN'S Formal Fit Guide The key to great style, especially for tall men, is finding the right fit. Keep these easy fashion tips in mind and you'll be looking sharp all the time. Shirts, Pants and Shoes Though button cuff shirts are more convenient, a French cuff shirt adds a very urbane, high-class element to your look - but only if you're wearing a suit. Sleeve: Your sleeve should end where your palm meets your wrist, and shouldn't be tight or billowy. Under a jacket, your sleeve cuffs should be exposed about half an inch. Collar: You should be able to slip two fingers between your neck and collar when buttoned. It shouldn't be constricting, and it shouldn't move with you when you turn your head. Shirt Length: Pant Style: Wear Chinos, or dress trousers for a more formal look, but avoid pleats in both. There should be no break in the leg for chinos, and one break in the leg for dress Your shirt should not untuck when moving naturally. For tall men, your shirt should be long enough but not baggy - buy athletic or trim fit, or look for brands that offer an extra tall size. trousers. Shoes: Pant Length: Wear black shoes with black, dark grey, light grey, and navy suits. Wear brown shoes with brown, For a more fashion-forward look, your pants should hit right at the top of your shoe. For a more traditional look, your pants should cover the top of your shoe and some of the laces. light grey, and navy suits. Jackets and Blazers More modern jackets have double vents in the back and thin lapels. Wide lapels are more old-school, Mad-Men style. For a more casual look, opt for a one-button, peak lapel jacket. For a more formal look, opt for a double button, notched lapel jacket. Collar: A collar gap between your jacket's lapels and your shirt's collar can signify an ill-fitting jacket. Allovw 2 cm of your shirt collar to show. Shoulders: Shoulders are the dead giveaway for whether or not your jacket or coat fits properly. Shoulders are the number one thing to check when buying a jacket – because they're the hardest to tailor. The Jacket's seam should be at the edge your shoulder. Sleeves: When your arms are at your sides, the sleeve should cover your wrists, but not further. Width: You should be able to slip your hand between your chest and your buttoned jacket such that it feels snug, but with room to move. The jacket shouldn't pull Length: The top of a two button jacket should fall at or above the navel. across the chest when buttoned. Color: Color-blocking is a tall man's best friend. Wearing a different color jacket than your pants will break up the vertical line. Bold jackets that make a statement paired with darker pants will take attention away from your legs. Accessories: Accessories can add a bit of extra class or flair to your outfit, but be sure to match your accessories to the occasion - for more professional settings, solid, darker colors might be more appropriate. For parties or less formal occasions, add a bright pop of color in your tie. Pocket Squares: A pocket square adds an extra level of polish, but it should complement -not match- your shirt and tie in both pattern and fabric choice. Ties: Length: Your tie should hit right at your belt buckle. If you're a taller guy, buy an extra long tie. Cufflinks: Style: Your tie should always be darker than your dress shirt. Choose a tie that is an accent color Cufflinks are designed for wearing with French cuff shirts. Any metal elements of your outfit should match – if your belt buckle is gold, your cufflinks should have gold elements, and same with silver. to the dominant color of your shirt. If your tie has big patterns, your shirt should have small patterns, and vice versa. Belts: Socks: Your belt should be the same color Wear tall enough socks that your leg doesn't show when you sit down. For tall men, wear calf-length socks. as your shoes, and fairly thin. Always wear dress socks with dress shoes. Match your socks to your pants, or opt for an argyle sock with elements of the color of your pants LONG TIE STORE RESOURCES ----- ------....

The Tall Man's Formal Wear Fit Guide

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It’s true that for most men (and especially for tall men) it’s hard to find useful information on the rules of formal wear fashion and how to look super sharp in a suit. So, we put together a hand...


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