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The Surprising Truth Behind 7 Wedding Superstitions

The Surprising Truth Behind 7 Wedding Superstitions Have you ever thought about how weird some wedding traditions actually are? Throwing a bouquet of flowers over your head, not seeing your other half until the ceremony itself. all of these are just so common that we just accept them, but why? We've taken a look at 7 popular wedding superstitions, where they come from, and how they're viewed today. The Groom Doesn't See The Bride On The Day Of The UWedding Before The Ceremony Origin Joday Back when arranged marriages were popular, many couples wouldn't see each other whatsoever before the big day. Thankfully there's a bit more romance about marriage nowadays, but this tradition has endured. There was a fear that if the groom saw the bride and didn't find her attractive, he would bail and bring shame upon his family! This explains the wedding veil which also prevented the groom from seeing what the bride looked like until it was too late! This is now largely due to the fact that it adds a level of excitement to the day and makes it all the more special when the bride does make her grand entrance, but it's not for all couples and some feel more comfortable seeing each other on their big day before the ceremony. The Top Layer Of The Wedding Cake Must Be Saved To Use As A Christening Cake Origin Joday In years gone by, couples were more likely to have a baby in the year following the wedding. Nowadays weddings and christenings aren't as closely linked, but many couples choose to save the cake to enjoy on their first anniversary. For that reason, a christening usually wouldn't take place too long after a wedding, so it became tradition to save the top tier of the wedding cake SAVE RECEPTION GUEST CHRISTENING The bottom layer of a cake would be for the reception, the middle layer for giving out to guests, and the top layer for the christening. If you think it seems a bit strange to keep a piece of cake in the freezer for all that time, a lot of couples do choose to have the top layer recreated a year later. The Groom Must Carry The Bride Across The Threshold Into Their New Home Origin Joday It was once believed that if a bride tripped over the threshold it would spell bad luck. As such, the groom would carry her over the threshold to be on the safe side. Traditionally, the happy couple would only move in together once married. Ancient cultures also believed that the threshold was home to lurking evil spirits, and that brides were particularly vulnerable to these, especially through the While some do still carry on this tradition, as a romantic gesture as opposed to superstition about evil spirits, it's not as popular as it once was, due largely to the fact that the majority of couples now live together before marriage. soles of their feet! Whoever Catches The Brides Bouquet Will Be The Next To Be Married Origin Joday In medieval times, guests believed it was lucky to have a fragment of the bride's wedding dress, and would literally attempt to rip parts of the dress right off it! As you can imagine, this wasn't always pleasant for the bride on her special day. In response to this, many started to throw the bouquet as a distraction to allow them to Again, this is a tradition which has been carried on by many, solely as a little bit of fun, but has also been ditched by a lot of couples who feel it's too old fashioned. get away with their dress intact. Something Old, Something New, Something Borowed, Something Blue Origin Joday This tradition can be a fun way to choose some of the bride's accessories for the big day. This is an old Victorian saying, supposed to bring good luck. The something old was supposed to symbolise the couple wanting to stay linked to their family and their past, while the something new looks forward to the future and their life together. Something borrowed allows friends and family to bestow a special gift upon the bride, and something bluel was chosen as it is thought to represent fidelity, You can get really creative and think up some 'outside of the box' ways to incorporate this tradition without compromising your look. Again, a little bit of fun. The Bride Must Be Given Away By Her Tather Origin Today This is another tradition which has its roots in arranged marriages. Back in those days, daughters were considered the be 'property' of their fathers until married. Nowadays the bride being given away represents the bride's parents giving their consent for the marriage. While it is still traditional for the father to be the The father would then give the daughter over to the groom, usually for a price. one to give the bride away, the honour could fall to anyone, be it the mother, brother, stepfather or a close friend of the bride. Jying Shoes / Cans To The Back Of The Wedding Car Origin Joday * Throwing shoes at the wedding car likely wouldn't go down too well, so nowadays a few changes have been made. Back in Tudor times, guests would throw their shoes at the bride and groom as they left in their wedding carriage. MA The idea was that if you could hit the vehicle, it was good luck, and would ward away evil spirits! Instead, shoes are sometimes tied to the back of the car, although seeing as you're probably going to need those shoes for the reception, cans are usually used instead. YOU Brought to you by Royal Sources: ANTIQUE JEWELRY ()

The Surprising Truth Behind 7 Wedding Superstitions

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Have you ever thought about how weird some wedding traditions actually are? Throwing a bouquet of flowers over your head, not seeing your other half until the ceremony itself… all of these are just ...


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