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Super Sedan

SUPER SEDAN Australia's most powerful production car The Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) Gen-F GTS is the most powerful production car ever built in Australia. It's got more power than established: German super saloons from BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz, yet in Australia costs less than half. PRICE COMPARISON The GTS delivers world-beating performance, but costs less than half of most of its European rivals in Australia, But the price gap isn't so big in their home countries, PRICE IN AUSTRALIA PRICE IN HOME MARKET HSV BMW Mercedes-Benz Audi RS6 Cadillac Jáguar XFR-S HSV GTS is one GTS M5 AMG E63 Avant CTS-V of the most affordable super sedans in the world. Only Cadillac's CTS-V EQUIVALENT PRICE IN BIG MACS requires less Big Macs! The Big Mac:Index is widely recognised as the world's most accurate currency doodad. NUMBER OF BIG MACS IN AUSTRALIA NUMBER OF BIG MACS IN HOME MARKET HOW DO THEY COMPARE? POWER TOP SPEED (km/h) HSV GTS 70kW/litre 430kW 305 305 300 250 km/h 250 km/h km/h BMW M5 94kW/litre 412kW km/h km/h Mercedes-Benz 75kW/litre 410kW AMG E63 Audi RS6 Avant 103kW/litre 412kW not given Cádillác CTS-V 67kW/litre 415kW Mercedes Audi 81 kW/litre 405kW Jaguar XFR-S Jaguar: XFR-S -Benz RS6 Cadillac HSV GTS BMW M5 AMG E63 Avant CTS-V HSV GTS Audi RS6 Avant 740Nm 700Nm 175Nm/L 120NM/L TORQUE BMW M5 680NM Cadillac CTS-V 155NM/L 747NM 121 Nm/L Mercedes-Benz AMG E63 Jaguar XFR-S 720NM • 680NM 136NM/L 132Nm/L TREAD CAREFULLY rear tyres 275/35 tyre 295/35 tyre 275/30 tyre 275/35 tyre 285/35 tyre 295/30 tyre :20-inch wheel 20-inch wheel 19-inch wheel 19-inch wheel 20-inch wheel 19-inch wheel Mercedes-Benz Audi RS6 Cadillac Jaguar :HSV GTS BMW M5 AMG E63 Avant CTS-V XFR-S FUEL EFFICIENCY THEM'S THE BRAKES Audi RS6 Avant Mercedes-Benz AMG E63 9.8/100km 56542 sq-mm/tonne Mercedes-Benz AMG E63 Jaguar XFR-S 9.8 57533 BMW M5 Cadillac CTS-V 9.9/100km 59246sq-mm/tonne Jaguar XFR-S Audi RS6 Avant * theoretical area based 11.6/100km on front disc diameter 61728 sq-mm/tonne HSV GTS HSV GTS ? not given 63500 sq-mm/tonne Cadillac CTS-V BMW M5 15.6L/100km 67191 sq-mm/tonne HSV GTS BMW M5 Mercedes-Benz Audi RS6 Avant Cadillac CTS-V Jaguar XFR-S AMG E63 CAPACITY 6162cc 4395cc 5461 cc 3993 c 6162c 5000cc CC 229 220 228 213 217 205 O kW/Tonne kW/Tonne kW/Tonne kW/Tonne kW/Tonne kW/Tonne kW/Tonne 1881 kg 1870kg 1800kg 1935kg 1914kg 1971kg WEIGHT 393.4 364 400 362 390 345 Nm/Tonne Nm/Tonne Nm/Tonne Nm/Tonne Nm/Tonne Nm/Tonne Nm/Tonne H TRANSMISSION 6мт 7ocT 7AT 7ост. бмт 8at O 0-100km/h 4.4 4.4 4.2 3.9 4.0 4.6 What lap time do you think the HSV GTS will set around the Cadillac CTS-V 7 min 59.32aces Nordschleife track? secs BMW M5 7min 55spcs Read our first drive of HSV GTS at motoring 18,978 A$92,990 18,978: AUSTRALIA A$92,990 46,837 A$229,500 28,830 GERMANY €103,500 51,000 A$249,900 28,706 GERMANY €103,054: 46,939 A$230,000 30,056 GERMANY €107,900 N/A | N/A 14,763 USA US$64,515 45,417 A$222,545 29,738 GREAT BRITAIN £79,995

Super Sedan

shared by pinqpixie on Aug 02
HSV’s 6.2-litre supercharged V8 GTS is the quickest Australia production car in history.


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