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Style Your Home with Feng Shui

STYLE YOUR HOME WITH O FENG SHUI COLOUR ELEMENTS WHAT IS FENG SHUP THE FIVE ELEMENTS Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy, specifying how certain colours and elements can be used to create a positive atmosphere within the home. The concept of Feng Shui is based on colours and cycles of the elements. Each of the five elements fire, water, earth, wood and metal – can compensate for energy imbalances in your home. It is suggested that only one element should be used in a room to enhance the energy flow at any given time. OUTSIDE South Houses facing this direction should use red as an exterior colour INSIDE Until the 1920s red was considered a boy's colour, but nowadays it causes a man's Fire The fire element is represented with red, so approach this colour with caution. A red night light that stays on during the night can successfully raise energy inside the home. temperature to rise. Women are deemed up to 30% more attractive when wearing red. This fiery hue also makes you feel hungry, while green is said to have the opposite effect. Recognition and fame OUTSIDE 23% of people over the age 50 prefer the colour green, whereas only 14% of younger people are fans. East or south-east This orientation relates to the wood element, so houses facing this way should opt for green tones. 50 INSIDE 231. Wood To incorporate the wood element in your home, either bring potted plants inside or update your interiors with green objects. -50 14% Prosperity and success OUTSIDE North Houses facing North work best with the water element, reflected in the colours Blue is the most popular colour in the world, with more than 40% of people worldwide claiming it as their favourite. blue and black. INSIDE Movie villains often wear black, and it is also the favourite colours of rock Water If you cannot represent this element indoors with a fountain or water feature, creatively incorporate the colours blue and black. stars around the world. YEAH! Career opportunities OUTSIDE Yellow is the least Northeast or south-west popular colour, with only a mere 5% declaring it their favourite. Houses facing these directions work best with beige or yellow exteriors. INSIDE Earth Bring this element into your home with ceramics or earthy tones. Yellow can cause nausea, so it is often avoided in aircraft interiors. Education and knowledge OUTSIDE West and north-west Houses facing these ways work best with a grey exterior In the West white represents purity and peace. INSIDE Metal This element can be creatively incorporated into the home with a sculpture or furniture piece. If impossible then add grey, white or gold by using textiles, paints or prints. White is the colour of mourning in China. Children designed by ס URBANARA

Style Your Home with Feng Shui

shared by urbanarauk on Jun 20
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This month at URBANARA we have made our first infographic! We thought that colour is pretty important to the interior design of anyone's home, and we were interested in finding out all about feng shu...




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