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The Stress of Moving House

SIXT PRESENTS A LOOK AT THE STRESS OF MOVING HOUSE According to many studies, moving to a new house is one of the most stressful experiences in life, but what exactly makes moving home so stressful? Sixt presents an infographic that looks at the statistics around stress and moving, as well as some examples of the things that stress people out during their move. So if you're one of the 534,000 people who move house every year, make sure you read through our infographic thoroughly and you might just be able to save yourself some of the most common hassles that cause stress. STRESS STATISTICS According to recent research into the most stressful life experiences, nearly one in four people rate moving house at the most stressful. According to research, the pressures associated with moving house makes people look and feel two years older and suffer age-related symptoms. 41% of second-time buyers thought the second move was more stressful than the first. 10% 14% 19% + 13% having a baby of people moving house suffer from hair loss 14% starting a new job of people suffer from short-term memory loss 24% moving house 09% getting married of people suffer from symptoms of anxiety 02% meeting in-laws Top Ten Causes Of House Moving Stress According to a survey conducted by the Yorkshire Bank Finding a suitable house Strangers packing up possessions Waiting to hear about an offer Waiting for an offer Saving for a deposit Period before Unpacking in a new house Waiting for a surveyor report Finding a Finding a good solicitor contracts mortgage deal THINGS PEOPLE FORGET During the stresses and pressures of a house move, people often forget important things - so to help you during your next move, here's a list of the most common things people forget to either do or take with them: Keys and Valuables Keys and valuables are commonly forgotten during a move. Make sure you've checked all your secret hiding places and removed all valuables and that your spare keys are located and left for the new owners Garage Door Remote Remember to leave the garage door remote somehwere easy to find, like the kitchen counter. Too many people forget and drive off with the remote, leaving the new owners with no way in Disconnect White Goods Many removal firms will be unable to unplumb washing mashines and most cannot disconnect gas or electric cookers. Remember to turn the Address Notifications When you move, you need to notify employers, government offices, banks, schools, friends and family to make sure you continue to get your mail. Try and remember to notify everyone you need to services off at the mains and get a professional to remove them FUNNY MOVING STORIES A request was submitted for an iguana to ride out of its cage in the front seat of the truck with the driver for the duration of the transit A woman in the US packed and shipped her aquarium with all the water and fish still inside. She later filed a claim for water damage When a woman asked how long it would take for her possessions to arrive, she expressed concern that the food in the freezer would spoil One customer asked to ship her pets in the trailer, when told it would put them at risk, she said "what if I put them in cages?" SIXT Need the right equipment? Hire a removal package with Sixt and receive everything needed to ensure your move is as accident and stress-free as possible!

The Stress of Moving House

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Statistic on the Stress of Moving for UK movers, the effects of stress on moving, how many people move every year, and stories on eventful moves!






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