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Sticking with your keep fit resolution

STICKING WITH YOUR KEEP FIT RESOLUTION Struggling with a keep fit resolution? You're not alone... 45% of people make a New Year's resolution 27% are about losing weight 14% are about doing more exercise 25% fail in the first week 33% fail in the first month the amount of people that give up before hitting their target is 73% How a smartwatch can help Smartwatches can.... Set Goals Setting small achievable goals helps you build willpower. Track activity Seeing your progress gives positive reinforcement to spur you on. Push to hit targets you Your watch can notify you when you need to be active, helping you keep the habit. Smartwatches that help Leading smartwatches for fitness GARMIN. $250 / £199.99 Reviews Trusted Reviews 000. Wearable •0000 Fitness Features GPS included TechRadar 00000 Extensive sports tracking suite Golf tracking Activity tracking Displays notifications from phone GARMIN STUS 5327 1278 Cal Dist 2.73mi Battery Life: 3 weeks/10h with GPS WATCH £299+ / $299+ Reviews Trusted Reviews 0000. Wearable •0000 Fitness Features TechRadar 00000 Inbuilt fitness tracker ĝ 10:09 Settable daily goals 1200-30 Works with i-Phone Workshop Cale 72 3 ON Provides heart rate data Shows calories burnt Battery Life: 18h pebble Reviews £229 / $249 Trusted Reviews 0000. Wearable •0000 Fitness Features TechRadar 00000 All day fitness tracker Syncs data with smartphone Tracks steps, distance and calories 30 meters water resistant 08 Android and IOS compatible Battery Life: 150h SAMSUNG GEar S2 £229 / $299 Reviews Trusted Reviews 0000● Wearable •0000 Fitness Features TechRadar 00000 All day fitness tracker S Health shows progress Reminds you to get moving One tap input of when you've hydrated Nike+ Running preloaded Heart rate monitor 3457 12:45 Battery Life: 35h Best Fitness apps on the market Apps to help you get fit For those of you who want to look past Apple and Google's fitness apps, here are some that can help. Running/Exercise apps Endomondo Tracks heart rate, duration and mileage. Audio feedback on distance and pace Analyses performance such as split times for each workout Reviews App Safari o0000 3 Google Play 00000 4.4 Strava Running Tracks runs, rides and cross-training Shows elevation gain, average speed, distance and heart rate Provides detailed segment analysis of your work out STRAVA Reviews Itunes o0000 2.5 Google Play 00000 4,6 Nike Running Tracks route, distance and time Shows map, lock and music controls in one view You can compare yourself against friends +. Reviews Itunes o0000 2.5 Google Play 0000 4.4 Zombies Run Immersive running game and audio adventure Be active or zombies take over the world! Reviews Itunes o0000 5 Google Play 00000 4,3 ZOMBIES RUN! General health apps Fooducate Calorie counter Pulls up nutritional information about food from barcodes Provides immediate feedback on food nutrition Reviews Itunes o0000 5 Google Play o0000 4.3 Carbodroid Monitors daily water intake Customisable goals Gives reminders Reviews Google Play 00000 4.5 Hello Heart Helps monitor blood pressure and heart issues Compatible with blood pressure monitoring devices Hello Heart Gives immediate feedback and reminders Reviews Itunes o0000 4.5 Google Play 00000 3 Getting the most from your fitness apps Tips to help you stick to your resolution. Treat calorie counters with caution Calorie counters rely on average stats for your age, height and weight. They do not accurately reflect the calories burned up so use them as a guide only. Log what you eat By thinking about what you eat, you will become more aware of your diet. Don't rely on the pre-set goals Your body is unique, so your goals should be unique too. People stride's vary wildly so, if you can,calibrate your stride on your tracker. Set small goals throughout the day Focussing on your overall goal can be daunting, try splitting up your goals into mini challenges throughout each day. Reward yourself When you've hit your targets, perhaps set the money you've saved aside and put it towards a big treat. Share success and encourage others Getting fit can be lonely business, so why not share your success with others trying to get fit. By encouraging others you will encourage yourself. Sources Brought to you by: WATCHES2UI Samsung Gear S2 Pebble Time Steel Apple Watch Garmin Vivoactive

Sticking with your keep fit resolution

shared by winona2015 on Feb 12
A New Year is a great time for a new beginning, and for many that means a New Year’s resolution. For a lot of people that means promising yourself that you will get fit and burn off some of those Ch...




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