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STEM Toys - Do You Need These?

THE TRUTH ABOUT WHY LITTLE GIRLS STEM TOYS NEED tul: fat wallet acom The job market for STEM fields (which stands for science, technology, engineering and math) is the fastest-growing in America today. So why does it only seem open to half the population? Recent studies show that women are wildly underrepresented in STEM fields today, and the problem starts at a very early age. According to the American Psychological Association, our culture seems to operate under the assumption that science and math are for boys only. Need proof? Just walk into any toy store and see where the science toys are placed (Hint: It's not next to the Barbies). By the time a little girl is 3, this cultural bias can discourage her from pursuing STEM for the rest of her life. But it doesn't have to be like this! The ability to excel in math or science is not inherent, and with a little encouragement, you can guide a girl towards a bright future in the world of STEM. SOME U.S. STATS 1970 1990 TODAY 7% 23 26 Women made up 7% of the U.S. Women made up Women make up 26% of the U.S. STEM workforce. 23% of the U.S. STEM workforce. STEM workforce. The number stopped growing in the early 2000s. Percentage of Percentage of Percentage of Chemistry jobs Computer and math jobs Engineering jobs held by women held by women held by women 39% 26% 12% The numbers are even worse for women of color: 3%of STEM workers are ASIAN WOMEN 1% BLACK WOMEN of STEM workers are 1%. of STEM workers are HISPANIC WOMEN But women make up nearly half the American workforce! These numbers are compelling. No matter how you slice it, women still don't have a seat at the table. BENEFITS OF STEM FOR GIRLS Science teaches kids to be more confident and boosts their natural skepticism. Science increases creativity. STEM can benefit kids even if they eventually want to pursue a career in arts or humanities. SCIENCE Science instills kids with problem-solving skills, making them better equipped to face the world as adults. Science is the future! Technology is changing the world at a rapid pace; STEM kids will be better equipped to adapt to those changes. %24 Women who work in STEM earn on average 33% more than women who work in other fields. There are 26 million STEM jobs in the U.S., and that number is growing. Nerds are cool! STEM celebrities are huge; maybe one of your kids could be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Neil Degrasse Tyson. BENEFITS OF GIRLS IN STEM FIELDS Male bias has hindered innovation in some STEM fields. Air bags became safer when women Voice recognition technology became better when women Studies have shown that women have been misdiagnosed due to procedures developed with only male patients in mind. started developing them. Men were only building them for themselves, not started developing it for a range of voices, not just deeper male women and children. ones. A room full of men is bad for innovation. The more types of people you have working on a problem, the more likely they will discover a major breakthrough. Global studies have shown that companies that hire more women outperform their competitors. Fortune 500 companies with Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are 15% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians. at least three female directors have seen their return on invested capital increase by at least 66%, return on sales increase by 42% and return on equity increase by at least 53%. In 2012, The National Center for Women and Information Technology did an analysis of women's participation in IT patents and found that U.S. patents produced by mixed-gender teams were cited 30% to 40% more than other similar patents. SO WHAT IS KEEPING GIRLS AWAY FROM STEM? Recent studies show there is no real learning gap in STEM fields between girls and boys. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the only reason girls don't pursue STEM fields more is because we don't encourage them to. 82-87% The wage gap still exists in STEM. While it may be smaller than in other fields, women in STEM still earn only 82 to 87% of the wages of their male counterparts. 63% 45% 40% 63% of women in STEM fields say they have experienced some form of sexual 45% of women in 40% of women say STEM fields say they have no mentors to guide they end up feeling stuck in their STEM career, with no upward mobility. them in their harassment. careers. 56% of women with STEM jobs leave their careers halfway through. WAYS TO GET YOUR LITTLE GIRL INTO STEM The American Association of University Women offers some recommendations on how to encourage young girls to explore STEM: Teach girls that STEM subjects are Provide girls with opportunities to tinker, take things apart and put them back together. Introduce girls to STEM subjects learned, not innate. outside of the school setting. Introduce girls to Encourage girls to take math and Encourage girls to play and work with boys, and encourage boys to play and work with girls. women and men in science classes. STEM fields with whom they can identify. INSPIRATIONAL WOMEN AT THE FOREFRONT OF STEM FIELDS PROFESSOR LUCY CARPENTER: Made major discoveries about ozone destruction. NINA TANDON: CEO of a company that uses stem cells to repair human bones. CORI BARGMANN: Her research into genetics is paving the way towards a cure for Alzheimer's. Walet com

STEM Toys - Do You Need These?

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STEM toys help kids learn the basics of math, science, technology and even engineering at very young age. Do you really need such toys for your kids? Check out this amazing infographic by FatWallet an...




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