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The Stag Pack

WELCOME to the Stag Pack In every great stag party, there's always one odd character. Here's the lowdown on a few to avoid... This guy is a hurler and we're not talking about the ancient Gaelic sport. He has a few drinks and then look out everybody, he's parking a custard. Most likely to: Decorate his own shoes before the weekend is over. Last to the bar, first in the taxi this financial escape artist is always on the make. Every group has one, he has a tidy sum stashed away for a rainy day yet would re-use toilet paper if he could. Most likely to: Find everyone has ordered doubles when he's finally trapped at the bar. MAN THE BORE This guy could be a trekkie, an accountant or worse still a trekkie accountant. Most likely to: Repeat lines from Harry Potter. BRTBUZKIL The Captain could suck the fun out of a Hooters' office party (where do Hooters hold their office parties?). He'll find fault everywhere and use phrases like "I hate to be the voice of reason here but.' Most likely to: Try and instil rules on everything you do. He must be stopped. SHANDSHAKER He's the guy that has a few too many and starts talking drivel. By this stage he's everyone's best friend and wants to shake your hand... every five minutes. Most likely to: Not wash his hands after a trip to the gents. THE SLEEPER Having just become a new dad for the first time, try as he might he now has the staying power of a sloth. Most likely to: Be woken up by a cold glass of water to the lap. It's for his own good. Recently single and emotionally scarred, he will either throw himself too hard into the weekend 'Jackass' style (not good) or spend the whole time talking about his ex (worse). Most likely to: Drink too much/Cry too much/Both. More embarrassing than 'dad dancing' is the older guy invited on the stag who tries too hard to be one of the lads. Most likely to: Over do things and end up in A&E. THE PAP What happens on tour stays on tour, why does that one guy insist on recording everything? Cameras, mobile phones, in fact anything that can be used as evidence should be banned. Most likely to: Be the reason you end up sleeping on the sofa for a week when you get home. He's hit on pretty much every female who's been unfortunate enough to cross his path and doesn't look like letting up soon. Most likely to: Delete his browser history before letting anyone use his laptop. THE LETCH Do you have any more characters to add? Mention yours below. STAG WEB.cO.UK NIHSINE, THE A MID-LIFE CRISIS FOREST OURE

The Stag Pack

shared by gogroups on Mar 24
Every stag party has at least one oddball, it’s almost tradition and no great stag party is without an assortment of nuts. Some are harmless and hilarious others are can be a little bit more hard wo...


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