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Sleep and Sports

SLEEP SPORTS To ensure they perform at their peak, athletes need to put in the hours in both the gym and in their beds! Join us as we look at the habits of sport's superstar snoozers. + THE LEAGUE TABLE + Which sports star spends the most time sleeping? 23 709 USAIN BOLT ROGER FEDERER LEBRON JAMES 8-10 hours 11-12 hours 12 hours per night per night per night MICHELLE WIE ANDY MURRAY 12 hours 12 hours per night per night SLEEP STUDIES It's no secret that a lack of sleep can affect our performance the next day, but just how much of an impact can it have? Studies have been carried out by Stanford University's Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicines to find out more. Members of the Stanford men's and women's sports teams were asked to up their sleep to ten hours per night for between six and eight weeks. SWIMMING RESULTS cooo0 0.15 seconds quicker leaving the blocks +5 kicks in stroke frequency -0.51 seconds off 15-metre sprint TENNIS RESULTS o000 Serve accuracy improved from 12.6 valid serves to 15.61 Average sprint times improved from 19.12s to 17.56s AMERICAN FOOTBALL RESULTS o00000000000 00000000 Average 40-yard dash improved from 4.99s to 4.89s Average 20-yard shuttle improved from 4.71s to 4.61s BASKETBALL RESULTS o0000x oo00000000 Three-point shooting accuracy improved by 9.2% Free throw shooting accuracy improved by 9% Other studies have looked at the effects of our internal body clock. A study in the Current Biology journal examined the sports performance of early, intermediate and late-risers. At different times of the day, 20 female hockey players performed 20m runs in gradually decreasing times. 00:00 6:00 12:00 18:00 24:00 Early risers' performance peaked at 12:00 Intermediates Late risers peaked shortly before 16:00 peaked just before 20:00 This could mean that the timing of sporting events effects o0000000000o 000000000000 the performance of individual players, athletes and teams. SPECIAL REQUESTS When your profession relies on you being at peak physical fitness, you'll go to extreme lengths to ensure your overall wellbeing, just like these stars... REAL MADRID C.F. Footballers at Real Madrid C.F. regularly enjoy a siesta! The training club features 81 luxury bedrooms that are just perfect for an afternoon nap. The club invited sport sleep coach Nick Littlehales to create targeted sleep profiles for each player. This takes into consideration body characteristics, daily routines and activities, and sleeping habits to help create the optimal resting environment. oo000000000o MICHAEL PHELPS 9,000ft We've discussed extreme lengths, but swimmer Michael Phelps is prepared to go to extreme heights for his physical fitness! 8,500ft Phelps sleeps in a chamber that recreates an altitude of 8,500-9,000 feet. These conditions act to reduce the amount of oxygen, so the body has to work harder to deliver it to the muscles. This can benefit overall blood flow and improve endurance. Before he goes to sleep, Phelps also visualises the perfect swim. xxo0000000 USAIN BOLT 709 At the London 2012 Olympics, 6ft 5in tall Usain Bolt slept in a 7ft long orthopaedic bed. This was a precautionary measure taken by Bolt's coach to ease the athlete's pre-existing back problem. 7ft DID YOU KNOW The beds, mattresses and other bedroom furniture from the 2012 Olympic Village were available to buy for just £99, although officials were unable to verify which athlete they were used by. SLEEP PROBLEMS & SPORT SERENA WILLIAMS SHAQUILLE O'NEAL insomnia obstructive sleep apnoea 34 Despite her energetic on-court performances, Serena Williams actually Shaquille O'Neal suffers from moderate obstructive sleep apnoea, which struggles with insomnia. Before the finals of the Australian Open, her lack of sleep forced her to take a interrupts your breathing while you pharmaceutical aid to help her relax. sleep. Many sufferers wake up gasping, effecting the quality of their sleep. Despite being victorious, she said: "I was a little sluggish. It's nothing that I ever want to do again. I can't To treat his disorder, O'Neal undertook Continuous Positive Airway Pressure put the finals of the Australian Open (CPAP), which involves wearing a mask on the line because I can't sleep." while asleep to help maintain breathing. HOW TO SLEEP LIKE AN ATHLETE Sleeping like an athlete can improve your performance and overall wellbeing both on and off the pitch. Here's how to do it: 7.5 OFF 16-18 Aim to get at minimum of Turn off all gadgets Ensure the room is 7.5 hours sleep a night at least 90 minutes around 16-18 degrees. before bed Eat dairy products before Shower before bed – bed – milk contains as your temperature tryptophan which aids the lowers, you'll sleep process. naturally drift off. SOURCES triumphant-role-in-final-part-of-Lord-of-the-Rings-trilogy.html his-gold-medal-prospects.html courtesy of creative Cc čommons Lulud l •.......:

Sleep and Sports

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It's no secret that top level sports stars need plenty of sleep to help keep them at their peak! And that's not just after spending time practising or in the gym! Take a look as this infographic look...


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