The SIX Most Annoying Gym Personalities

THE MÖDEL Mostly found flexing their muscles and Wears Beats headphones. They're expensive and endorsed by celebrities, so must be good, yeah? Looks good, effortlessly (or so they want us to think). taking selfies from every angle. Clothing that's appropriate for the club, not for the Minimally dressed. Abs always on gym. Everything must be show. fluorescent, or all black - there is no Favourite in between. Equipment: The Mirror THE HOARDER Works out at 6pm. Surrounded by tupperware as they drink/eat their way Dumbbells? Check. Spends 40 minutes on the only cross trainer in the room. Kettlebells? Check. Bench? Check. Stretching mat? Check. Fitness ball? Check. through their pre, during and post-workout supplements. You get the idea... The only prerequisite of their gym kit: pockets. Favourite Equipment: Whatever you want to use THE GRUNTING HARD-MAN Uses only the heaviest weights to prove he's the strongest, hardest man to visit any Can be heard from Finishes each set by dropping his weights, just to make sure all corners of the gym... even when warming up. gym, ever. nnrrggrrrnn gnrrrr everyone knows he's finished. Favourite Equipment: When the grunting hard-man isn't training, he's breathing heavily, like an angry bull, so that you know he has been working hard, or will work hard in the future... Steroids THE SÖCIALITE Permanently attached to Far too popular Able to maintain a to be seen alone full conversation at the gym. their phone. during their entire "workout". blah blah blah Has no qualms about loudly reciting tales worthy of a plotline on Sex and the City. Favourite Equipment: Arrives (and leaves) with flawless hair Treadmill, on slow and makeup. THE LURKER No fancy gym clothes here - just whatever helps You can feel them Just you and them in the gym, watching you, but them blend in. you turn around, they're conveniently looking and yet they somehow end when up on the treadmill away... next to you. Eerily silent. No headphones. No talking. They're listening to you. Favourite Equipment: Tall Plants THE TRAINEE TEACHER Ironically, they often have the worst form Studied GCSE Want to find out if P.E. so obviously knows it all. you're on form? No? Doesn't matter: in the room. Who they're going to tell needs to brace when you anyway. deadlifting anyway? Favourite Equipment: Whatever program Notepad & Pen you're following, it's the wrong one. НI

The SIX Most Annoying Gym Personalities

shared by RFox91 on Sep 30
If you’re a regular at the gym, chances are you’re pretty familiar with at least a few of these “types” – and if you’re not, consider yourself lucky (or consider the fact that you might ju...


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