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Sipping and Clicking

SIPPING ERUX. CLICKING BRITS ARE GUILTY OF TIPSY ONLINE SHOPPING With the holiday shopping season just over and January sales just beginning, it appears British consumers have found a way to avoid the crowds, keep warm, and even retain the merry, all while buying presents for themselves and their loved ones. This year, most Brits are staying home, ordering items online, and boozing it up! That's right, nearly 8 million British shoppers are set to spend major cash online by the time the season is over-more than E2 billion-while intoxicated. Here we take a look at the many pitfalls of BUI (buying under the influence). DRUNK BROWSING .......... A survey of 4,210 consumers by Kelkoo reported nearty 43 percent of all Brits have shopped online after drinking, and 39 percent plan to complete all their Christmas shopping online while under the influence. In the past, Brits have already spent E5.2 billion online, or an average of E246 per adult, after a few cocktails. MAJOR SPLURGES ........ Sipping and clicking can lead to outrageous and regrettable purchases. Survey respondents revealed their most unusual drunk purchases to be a boat, a Hammond organ, knitting patterns, and a wooden carving of a Harley Davidson. Top items Brits purchased under the influence of alcohol: 41% 50% 25% 40 16% 14% 14% 30% 10% 10% ......... ....... 7% 6% 6% 20% ......... .... ......... 10% Clothes Dos, books, Technology and shoes Food and Tickets to a Jewelry drink Lingerie Beauty products Holiday items Toys and video show or games festival *Figures may not tota 100 percent because respondents were alowed multiple answers LAST CALL According to the same survey, alcohol-fueled shopping sprees reached the highest peaks between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. Nearly a third of Britain's tipsy shoppers logged on during those hours. 29% 21% HOURS MOST SHOPPERS MAKE PURCHASES ONLINE 11 am. -tam 1am. - 5am. MEMORY LAPSE The survey reported nearly one in five respondents who were intoxicated while shopping online did not remember their purchases until the next day. 30% ... 19% 17% 173 20% 10% 0% remembered forgot, realizing only after viewing their bank statement or being told either abandoned tried to buy something received an item only found out after being making the purchases the next day. the purchase before completion or fell asleep. so expensive that their as a complete surprise. thanked by someone they card was declined. purchased for. by friends or family. *Respondents were atowed multple answers BUYER'S REMORSE Over a quarter of Brits surveyed admitted alcohol gave them a boost to splurge on items they otherwise wouldn't have purchased. 26% 14% 4% said alcohol gave them the confidence to buy. said they would never have made the purchase sober. regretted their decision. Whether in bed, on the sofa, or at the kitchen table, online shopping has clearly become a nightly affair for many Brits, in addition to having a nightcap or two before bed. Mixing the two may not be the worst thing-at least everyone is safely at home, taking advantage of the convenience and savings available through online shopping. SOURCE: KELKOO.CO.UK

Sipping and Clicking

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Having a drink while shopping online is not an uncommon thing for many in the UK. While many actions 'under the influence' are not advised, shopping online seems to be harmless enough and takes the ed...




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