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Sin City Playground and Wedding Capital of the World

Sin Cite PLAYGROUND AND WEDDING CAPITAL OF THE WORLD Over 37 million tourists visit Las Vegas annually, making it one of the most visited places in the world. Vegas is the land of desire and quenches the thirst of many couples seeking a unique, inexpensive and swift celebration of their wedding vows. Vegas offers it all in one fell swoop: the creative ceremony, the all-in-one reception and the blissful resort-style honeymoon. This infographic will highlight the what, when and how that catapulted Vegas into the "Marriage Capital of the World." EVOLUTION OF LAS VEGAS Vegas offers a rich history that is as American as they come. The city developed from a remote "Old West" frontier town, survived through the Great Depression by becoming the "Gateway to the Hoover Dam," transformed itself into a "Sin City" gangster metropolis and eventually metamorphosed into the postmodern desert resort-land that it is today. Motel 1829 - Discovery is Imminent Spaniard Antonio Armijo and his party named the valley Las Vegas, meaning "The Meadows," after its natural artesian water supply and vast green grasses. Late 1800s - Mining Town Early 1900s - Railway Links City Precious minerals, including silver and gold are found in Nevada, leading to the rapid development of the mining industry. Promises of quick wealth and riches lure many Las Vegas is established as a railroad town upon the completion of the main railway, the "The Salt Lake Route," linking Southern California with Salt Lake City. money-hungry, risk-taking people into the state. 1911 - Congratulations, You're a City! 1944 - Glitz and Glamour Las Vegas is incorporated as a city on March 16, 1911, Liberace makes his Las Vegas debut in November 1944. He 1955 - Equal Rights The Moulin Rouge Hotel-Casino opens as the only establishment on the strip allowing African Americans. In 1992, it becomes a legendary Vegas act, earning a record $300,000 a week by 1972. earns its place as a national historic site. 1960s - "Sin City" Reinvented 1969- The King Performs On July 26, Elvis Presley debuts his Vegas act The Rat Pack: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Sammy Davis Jr. and Joey Bishop perform in Vegas for the first time. Howard Hughes arrives in 1966, transforming Vegas into a corporately-held casino city and taking control back from the mobsters of the "Sin City" era. and between 1969-1977, he played 837 consecutive sold-out shows. 100 2005 - Happy Birthday Vegas Las Vegas celebrated its 100th birthday on 75% May 15, 2005. of couples choose their honeymoon location based on sightseeing, restaurants, entertainment and nightlife. The Rise of Vegas Weddings The Vegas wedding is recognized around the world and there are a plethora of reasons why one would choose to marry here, including the ease and convenience . However, couples can also have a uniquely-themed ceremony unlikely to be had anywhere else and for a price that doesn't break the bank account. HOW &WHEN? In 1931, the new marriage laws allowed a couple to marry on the spot with no waiting time and no required blood tests. Silent film stars Clara Bow and Rex Bell married in Vegas in 1931, setting off a trend of celebs marrying here . "Las Vegas took full advantage of tourism opportunities in the 30s when prohibition was repealed , and gambling was legalized in the state. Couples looking to tie the knot were also enticed by the Wild West frontier, and one-of-a-kind entertainment. New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day are the most popular days for weddings in Vegas. Seeing celebs get married here was excellent marketing and prompted more people to exchange vows in the city that never sleeps. Vegas offered unique and easy solutions to the traditional wedding. x4 he city provided a fun alternative to those marrying for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time as well as vow renewals. Tourists visiting Vegas more than tripled from 10 million in the 1970s to over 35 million in 2000. During the same time, marriages in Vegas increased from 50k to over 120k per year. 100,000 couples married in or around Sin City in 1995. Many chose to marry here because of the convenience and ease of the entire process. An average wedding costs around $22,000 ,but a wedding in Vegas can take place for about $1,000-$2,000, including airfare and travel costs. Couples spend an average of $4,000 on their honeymoon. Vegas can be a 2-for-1 deal (wedding + honeymoon) at half the price. No wasted time spent planning for the wedding. Variety in wedding themes unlikely to be found elsewhere. Ease of obtaining a wedding license. Nevada speaks the international language of love: anyone from Vegas's endless entertainment options and attractions. any country can get married here. 15 100 Cupid MODERN VEGAS Weddings WEDDING CHAPEL Vegas weddings have evolved from the eclectic, creative productions of the past to the more contemporary ceremonies being requested in increasing numbers today. Today, couples can plan either a lavish ceremony or a simple, quick ceremony. Either way, Las Vegas provides the wedding solution for nearly any desire, making it one of the foremost destinations for weddings in the entire world. Every year an average of What it Takes to Have a Vegas Wedding: million The Las Vegas Marriage Bureau is located downtown weddings are performed in 128,000 open 8 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. 365 days/year License fee: $60 (cash-only) couples married in or near the Las Vegas Strip in 2004. the U.S. Requirements The couple must be a man and a woman However, a gay couple can have a ceremony (not a legally recognized union). Approximately 315 Each person must be 16 years old or older. If either is younger than 18, parental consent is required. weddings are performed in Vegas each day. 16+ Must not be nearer of kin than 2nd Most chapels are open cousins. This is a requirement in 24 hours. most states. Both must be single and have valid AE identification. Social Security numbers are required for US citizens. 00:00 XXX-XXX - XXY You can fill out the wedding license application online in advance. Vegas licensing bureau is open until Midnight every day of the year. There is no blood test or waiting period, making for an essentially instant wedding. FAMOUS VEGAS Weddings In 1931, Las Vegas passed new marriage laws that made it easier to quickly marry. This, combined with the ease at which public records could be sealed, provided the catalyst for many celebrity weddings, a tradition that has continued through today. "OI Blue Eyes" Has Eyes for One Date:July 19, 1966 Who:Frank Sinatra married Mia Farrow at the Sands. Las Vegas is home to more than 100 chapels King of Love? Date:May 1, 1967 Who:Elvis and Priscilla Anne Beaulieu married at the original Aladdin Hotel. Giving Love a Good Name? Date:April 29, 1989 Who:Jon Bon Jovi tied the knot with Dorothea Hurley at the Graceland Wedding Chapel. The Prettiest Couple Date:December 12, 1991 The Strangest Couple Who:Actor Richard Gere married supermodel Cindy Crawford. Date:May 5, 2000 Who:Angelina Jolie weds "Billy Bob" Thornton at the Little Church of the West, sporting a "Billy Bob" tattoo on her arm. Famous Divorces Vegas Local laws in Vegas established in Vegas back in the 30s made it easier and less stressful to dissolve a marriage. In the 1930s when the divorce laws were relaxed, it was mostly women filing for divorce and they stayed at various "dude ranches" around town. These so-called ranches were actually Only one party must reside in Vegas for six weeks prior to filing for divorce. This was established in 1931. located on what is now the glamorous Vegas downtown strip. Vegas now leads the US in divorce rates per capita. ... ... The most significant divorce came in 1962 when Mary "Tod" Rockefeller quietly In 1939, Ria Langham establishes 6-week residency in Las Vegas in order to divorce Clark Gable. This controversial divorce earns Vegas the "Divorce Capital of the World" title until Reno steals it back in the 1950s. divorced unfaithful husband Nelson Rockefeller. A Triple-digit dates are extremely popular dates to marry in Vegas, second only to V-Day and New Year's Eve. 12-12-12 will be the last Mail-order divorces almost became a reality in 1931, but the state legislature realized this would drastically reduce the number of visitors to the area. triple-digit date until year 3001. $72uiluon is spent each year on weddings in the US. Bizarre AND Unique 1. Drive-thru chapels and tunnels offer 5-minute ceremonies. 2. Exchange your vows while taking a ride on a Venetian gondola. 3. Boldly go where many have gone before: Trekkies can tie the knot in a chapel offering traditional blessings in Klingon and Vulcan. 4. Ahoy matěy! Wed aboard a pirate ship. 5. Exchange vows underwater in a blue ocean paradise. 6. Soar towards bliss: Get married on the bridge overlooking the Hoover Dam by bungee jumping! 7. Take a leap of faith: Sky dive your way into marriage mid- 8. Historical nuptials: Marry on a restored train that runs on the same tracks used to build the Hoover Dam back in the 30s. Get married with the four elements, water, fire, earth and air, in a traditional Celtic wedding. 10. Royalty for a day: Travel back in time to Camelot and seal the deal in a castle surrounded by maidens and knights King-Arthur style. 11. Race Towards Love: Runners can choose to exchange nuptials mid-race as part of a half-marathon or full marathon. Vegas is the largest metropolitan area founded in the 20th century. In 2004, marriages reached their peak in Vegas at 128,250. Sources:\ 2101334.txt ng-Capital-of-the-World/60600 kie-weddings-slow-down/143328/1 Railroa dGore.html htm gs.php?ssid=5

Sin City Playground and Wedding Capital of the World

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Las Vegas is the city of lights, glitz, glamour and good times, but something that Vegas is also famous for, is as a place for a quick and interesting weddings. This infographic provides all the infor...


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