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Simple and Useful Budget Shoe Hacks To Keep Your Feet Happy

Budget Shoe Hacks! To Keep Your Feet Happy Comfort Rub sandpaper on the soles of new shoes Shop for shoes later in the day. Your feet can swell up to half a size bigger during the day. for improved grip. 00 Use heat and fluffy socks to stretch tight shoes. Keep feet dry by waterproofing canvas shoes with beeswax. Gel deodorant inside a shoe can reduce friction & blisters. Tape the 2nd & 3rd toes together for comfort when wearing high heels. Use mitten clips to keep jeans secure inside tall boots. Foot Care Massage tired feet with a tennis ball. Bathe feet in tea to relieve blisters. Cleaning Restore whiteness to cover scratches with & trainers with toothpaste white nail polish. Remove stains or Use talc to absorb stains on suede before gently brushing away. scratches from suede with a nail file. Shine up patent shoes with glass cleaner or petroleum jelly. Remove water stains from leather using a toothbrush dipped in vinegar. Storage Use wine bottles to keep tall boots upright. Save space by hanging shoes. Use a large picture frame as a shoe tray you can keep under a bed or cabinet. Sort By: Style: so you always know where to find your heels! Colour: for easy and quick coupling with your outfit. Freshness Absorb Odours with: Dry tea bags Lemon peel Baking soda Repair Repair worn trainer heels with denim or cloth. Fix scuffed heels (and make them fab) with glitter nail polish. Stop shoes squeaking by sprinkling baby powder under the inner sole. Repair scratches on leather shoes with a dab of moisturiser. Sources: acgy Brought to you by: Shoe Zone

Simple and Useful Budget Shoe Hacks To Keep Your Feet Happy

shared by BoomOnline on Feb 23
Some simple and easy to implement shoe hacks that can save you time, that can make your feet more comfortable, to keep your feet dry and to stop that from being smelly!!!


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