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Shoes of Legend: A Quite Interesting History of Shoes

SHOES OF LEGEND A QUITE INTERESTING HISTORY OF SHOES the CHUKKA B0OT the DESERT BOOT The name "chukka" probably comes from the game of polo. Another variant of the boots Nathan Clark of Clark's shoes was inspired to design the desert boot after seeing the crepe-soled boots Eighth Army officers had made worn by soldiers during wW2. RMY BOOT for them in the Cairo bazaar. WW2 8TH CIRCA AD 1941 the LOAFER The G.H. Bass & Co. launched the loafer in 1936, but the design is based on Weejuns - the shoes worn by Norwegian dairy farmers. the DEALER BOOT A more robust variation of the Chelsea boot, with similarities to the Australian workboot. SHOE the CHELSEA BOOT Invented for Queen Victoria by her personal bootmaker, Chelsea boots were originally used for horse riding. The Beatles made them famous again and the rest is history. CIRCA 1930 the DERBY Popular hunting boots in the late-19th century, the Derby became popular as a casual shoe at the beginning of the 20th century. воOT N VICTORIAS the OXFORD Originally a side-laced boot, they became Oxford shoes when the laces moved to the top. Popularised by Oxford University students. CIRCA 1836 AD the BOAT In 1935, Paul Sperry of Newhaven, Connecticut, noticed that his dog could I run on ice without slipping. Copying ! the grooves on his dog's paw pads, Sperry cut tiny slits into the rubber STUDENT'S soles of his shoes and the boat shoe was born. the MOCCASIN AD Traditional Native American footwear; Plains Indians wore moccasins with hard soles, eastern the BROGUE forest-dwelling tribes wore them with soft soles. Started life as standard wear for Highland Ghillies (game keepers). The holes were to allow water to drain out of the shoe when walking across wet terrain. SHOE SHOE AMERICAN'S CIRCA 1700 AD CIRCA the MONK 1600 This shoe was the favoured footwear of medieval European monks. Over time, the Monk evolved to become a the MULE popular dress shoe. While ordinary Ancient Romans wore sandals, the empire's top magistrates wore Mules open-backed leather shoes. SHOE MONK'S SHOES AD CIRCA 1000 CIRCA NO SHOES 200,000 BC ANCESTRAL SOLES, LACING UP THE HISTORY OF SHOES Samuel Windsor tailored quality - outstanding prices For full credits and references visit: NORWEGIAN FARM SHOE CIRCA 180 SAITTIHA NATIVE ROMANS MEDIEVAL 700 BC CIRCA 200

Shoes of Legend: A Quite Interesting History of Shoes

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The roots of your boots, the source of your shoes – everything you wear on your feet has a provenance, a path that leads to antiquity. But if you thought the history of your footwear was lost in th...


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