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Severe Weather Preparedness Tips for Your Apartment Community

Severe Weather Preparedness Tips Severe weather can be DESTRUCTIVE. Here's how you can protect your apartment building and your renters. Preparing Your Apartment Building for HURRICANES BUILDING MAINTENANCE 田 図 Prepare for rain • Make sure drains, gutters and downspouts are clear Prepare for wind Have equipment on hand • Board up the windows • Relocate outdoor furniture • Backup generator • Sump pump •Add sandbags • BEFORE: take photos/video to document your property for any insurance claims • Keep off-site copies of critical documentation BUSINESS TIPS Preparing Your Apartment Building for TORNADOES BUILDING MAINTENANCE Regulations Ensure that building codes are followed Reinforcements Update doors to withstand high-speed winds Add galvanized steel roof clips for uplift protections. • Distribute a tornado safety plan • AFTER: be aware of any leaking gas pipes or flammables that pose a threat BUSINESS TIPS Preparing Your Apartment Building for FLOODS BUILDING MAINTENANCE Electrical Drainage Air Alter the grading of the property so that water flows away from the building Raise switches, wall sockets and circuit Relocate HVAC equipment to an upper floor breakers to above projected flood levels Plumbing Gas Install a sewer Anchor fuel tanks backflow valve BEFORE THE FLOOD • Make sure that drains, gutters and downspouts are clear • Have a sump pump • Use masonry blocks to elevate appliances and furniture • Shut off building's electrical breaker Preparing Your Apartment Building for BLIZZARDS and SEVERE COLD BUILDING MODIFICATIONS Heat Plumbing Inspect heating system and create a regular maintenance plan Winterize plumbing (add insulation to pipes and drain exterior faucets) Change HVAC air filters Structure Equipment • Have backup generators on hand Inspect insulation and building for gaps that can cause cold air drafts Install carbon monoxide detectors DURING and AFTER THE STORM Keep sidewalks and parking lots safe by regularly clearing snow and putting down salt • Assess snow load on roofs Clear snow from air intake valves Preparing Your Apartment Building for EARTHQUAKES BUILDING MODIFICATIONS efe Have an engineer do Reduce falling hazards • Walls should be anchored to floors and ceilings a seismic evaluation to ensure your building is up to today's codes • Properly brace ceiling systems • Anchor furniture AFTER AN EARTHQUAKE • Evacuate the building • Shut down main electrical switches and gas sources Preparing Your Apartment Building for WILDFIRES 田田 田 田田 「 BUILDING MODIFICATIONS BUILDING MAINTENANCE for fire resistance • Sprinklers • Alarm systems • Fire extinguishers (follow building codes) • Use fire-resistant materials for construction EVACUATION Provide residents with an evacuation plan PLAN • Consider appropriate accommodations for people with disabilities Preparing Your Apartment Building for SEVERE HEAT BUILDING MODIFICATIONS BUILDING ΜΑIΝΤΕΝΑNCE Air Conditioning • Upgrade or maintain HVAC equipment Air Quality • Replace air filters to help indoor air quality Smart Thermostats Electricity • Have a backup generator installed for power outages • Monitor total building energy use Efficient Systems • Advanced cooling systems that recirculate and clean indoor air Preparing Your Apartment Building for DROUGHT CONDITIONS BUILDING BUILDING MODIFICATIONS MAINTENANCE Water Conservation Water Consumption • After adding smart water meters to each apartment, consumption rates fell 14-20% • Repair plumbing to reduce leakS • Upgrade to low flow water fixtures Landscaping • Change plant types or switch to greywater systems Fire Protection • Ensure that systems are in place to protect against and prepare for fire • Inspect property for dead or dying trees that may fall SOURCE:

Severe Weather Preparedness Tips for Your Apartment Community

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Severe weather can be destructive. Whether your region is exposed to tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, blizzards or other severe weather events, it’s important for apartment managers to properly pre...






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