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Serving the Royals

DOC 2ONE etaffing the Royal Household DOC ZONE with Ann-Morie MocDonald 1200 EMPLOYEES KEEP CALM AND GET TO WORK 450 TAX-FUNDED POSITIONS producerldesign: Olena Sullivan Working at Buckingham Palace £15,000 Annual salary advertised for a trainee butler in 2011, expected to work ($23,891 CDN) 45 hours per week. £14,200 Annual salary advertised for a housekeeper in 2012, expected to make beds, ($22,691 CDN) run baths, tidy up private suites, state apartments, corridors, and staircases. 52 19 188 ROYAL & I GUEST BEDROOMS STAFF BEDROOMS STATE ROOMS Palace The Quadrangle Forecourt The Mall 78 775 Victoria Memorial ROOMS BATH ROOMS 77,000m? 2 Queen is out X Queen V is in Official Flag Changing of the Guard 11:30am daily May-June The flag sergeant raises and lowers the flag as the Queen arrives and departs Buckingham Palace. 4 sentries = Queen in residence 2 sentries = Queen away Accompanied by Guards band More than 300 people work full-time above and below stairs. Downstairs staff include Upstairs staff include coffee maids, porters ladies-in-waiting, secretaries and kitchen staff. and financial managers. 350 760 The number of clocks wound by two full-time horological The number of windows in Buckingham Palace that must be cleaned conservators every six weeks. every week. m Which Department Suits You Best? The Royal Household's staff is divided into 5 different specialized departments. What position could you fill? WANTED PRIVY PURSE & TREASURER'S OFFICE Join this department and you can work in Finance, Information Systems Management and Telecommunications, the Personnel Office, Internal Audit or the Property Section - dealing with many of the organization's support functions. Senior Gardener £17,000+ | 39 hours NVQ2 certification UK driving licence CI WANTED MASTER OF THE HOUSEHOLD'S DEPARTMENT Join this department and you can work in G Branch (General), F Branch (Food), H Branch (Housekeeping), C Branch (Craft), or the Central Office - making up the largest department in the households with 250 employees. Personal Assistant £24,000+ | travel/eve. Event planning, drafting correspondence, etc. WANTED PRIVATE SECRETARY'S OFFICE Join this department and you can work in the Press Office, with the Research Team, in the Royal Travel Office, Royal Archives, Correspondence and Anniversaries Office or in Records Management - largely media & communications. Secretarial Asst. £22,000+ | overseas Phone, mail, filing, travel arrange., typing, IT WANTED LORD CHAMBERLAIN'S OFFICE Join this department and you can work in the Central Office, the Royal Mews or the Central Chancery of the Orders of the Knighthood. This department is responsible for some of the most ancient traditions related to the Monarchy. Chauffeur £23,000+ | 48 hours driving Royal Family full clean UK licence WANTED ROYAL COLLECTION DEPARTMENT Join this department and you can help manage the public opening of the official residences of the Queen, take care of and work with the Royal Collection, or help manage the income generated from the Royal Collection Enterprises. Exhibitions Asst. £20,000+ | 37.5 hours plan exhibition content art history degree You Say You Have cMad Shills Maybe you've got some hidden talents that are perfect for one of the many Special Appointments made by the Queen - some ceremonial, others honorary. These may seem like sweet jobs, but there's one catch - some of them are hereditary positions! QUEEN'S PIPER MASTER OF POET LAUREATE LADY-IN-WAITING One of the highest QUEEN'S MUSIC Personally chosen by the Queen, they Mostly honorary for accolades available to No fixed duties although fixed 10 year term. Paid £200/yr plus a barrel of sherry as a piper serving in the Armed Forces, he plays produce music to mark every weekday at 9am Royal or State occasions. salary but up to for 15 minutes under they can choose to accompany her on engagements and help with personal and individual as to whether private matters. Paid an honorary stipend. the Queen's window. to produce poetry. How much do you know about the Royals? @ CBC.CA/DOCZONE © 2012 CBC Radio-Canada. Sources:,, article-2033691/Royal-butler-wanted--15-000-salary-ability-work-45-hours-week-flaxible-travel-Balmoral-Holyroodhouse-essential.html, The British Monarchy job postings (, Applicants-ability-deploy-tact-diplomacy.html,,,, Wikimedia Commons, WORKS IN WORKS IN WORKS IN WORKS IN WORKS IN

Serving the Royals

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Britain’s Royal Family is always in the public eye, but the legions of loyal helpers who toil in their palaces and castles are rarely seen or heard from. Do you have what it takes to work in one of ...






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