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Selfie culture among generations

K, Selfie Culture Among Generations A sample of 1,821 adults were asked if they knew what a seltie was and if they had ever posted a seltie to their social media protiles. Here are their answers: SELFIE! Millennial Bom between early '80s and early 2000s Posted 55 Gen X Bom between late '60s and early 80s 24 Selyies Posted Boomer Bom between 1946 and 1964 Solfics Posted 09 Silent Bom between mid-1920s and early 1940s 04 Selfics Posted Source: Pew Research Survey, 2014 Selie ACCORDING TO REPORTS. 1 MILLION SELFIES ARE POSTED ON THE INTERNET EVERY DAY. OF THESE 8 48 % 27% 09% 08% 05% 02 % MANY POPULAR BRANDS & ORGANIZATIONS HAVE PROMOTED SELFIE CULTURE IN THEIR AD CAMPAIGNS. INCLUDING: Selfie NASA WWF NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC unicef O AXE RODAN+FIELDS MARC JACOBS SAMSUNG OLD NAVY SELFIE SELFIES Can BE BOTH BAD & GOOD Selgie Selfies can boost self-confidence. When selfies are good people tend to feel good about themselves. They are a good way to express yourself. They can be entertaining and interesting. They help you with capturing a lot of good memories. Why are selfies good? Selie Why are selfies bad? If you share very private pictures on the social media, you are welcoming others to breach your privacy. 1 People who take too many selfies become very self-obsessed. 1 People who take too many selfies tend to be superficial. Selfies promote the culture of looking good, not being smart. People tend to have a negative opinion of people who take too many selfies. How to protect your selties: I Don't post them on social media websites. If you do, make sure you turn their privacy setting to private, not public. L Do not post very private selfies - that can get you into trouble. L Use a good anti-virus software to protect yourself from viruses and hackers. * Prívacy issues for Selfie-sharing Teenagers Selfies are very much a creation of the young generation, and in modern times, selfie-culture is so prevalent that it can be harmful for teenagers. Here are a few ways in which teenagers can be harmed by this culture: • Their photographs can get stolen by computer hackers • The internet is not private nor safe-teenagers who share their selfies on social media are practically sharing it with the entire world • Sharing selfies via MMS is dangerous - most cellular services are monitored by authorized and unauthorized organizations Selpe Sharing selfies via instant message apps is equally dangerous - all apps and websites have cookies that give complete access to them of the stuff you share on their software or webpages. Q Apps and webpages can even access your intemet browser history it is not protected. O Naïve youngsters could befriend strangers on social media and send their selfies to them - it is not safe. e Sexting is an increasingly common phenomenon in the young generation of today - it can be very dangerous if these compromising photographs reach the wrong people. Many celebrities have fallen a prey to hackers, and have compromising photographs and videos leaked on the internet. It can happen to your child too. Take precautions - keep your child safe from cyberbullying. THEONESPY Powered by

Selfie culture among generations

shared by Nicki222 on Jul 13
The concept of taking a selfie has been on the rise for quite some time. However in terms of which generation is the most tech savvy when it comes to taking selfies, a poll by the Pew Research Center ...


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