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Schmaltz Wednesday: Purim Explained

SCHMALTZ WEDNESDAY! HAPPY PURIM! THE FOUR MITZVOT OF PURIM Purim is a time of great celebration, but also a time of Mishloach Manot, or giving thanks to family, friends and those less fortunate. Listen to readings of the Megillah The Book of Esther The Spiel Sometimes called The Jewish Mardi Gras, Purim is the celebration of deliverance from a plot of extermination in Ancient Persia during the 6th century BCE. Send gifts of food to family and friends It is customary to celebrate this holiday by hosting masquerade parties, where people eat and Give charity to the needy and poor drink to their hearts' content and recite The Megillah. The Megillah is the book of Esther and tells the story of Purim. 4 Eat a festive meal and drink plentifully | | The Numbers The Tchotchkes 1DAY & NIGHT COSTUMES THE GRAGER 9- 22 ESTHER CALLS FOR THE It is customary to scream, hiss and Costumes represent the celebratory feeling of Purim. Common costumes personify the main characters in Purim Story. It is believed that OBSERVANCE OF PURIM make noise with a Grager at the mention of Haman's name during the reading of the Megillah. The custom comes from the origin of masquerade originated with the SONS AND THEIR FATHER, HAMAN WERE 1O PUT TO DEATH BY KING AHASUERUS Italian Jews in the 15th Century. observance of blotting of the names of Amelek in Deuteronomy 25:19. | TH OF THE MONTH 14 OF ADAR TWN PERRUART THE NOSH MARCH A traditional triangular shaped, CHAG PURIM SAMEACH! fruit filled cookie called a Hamentaschen is eaten. Some 365 BCE IS WHEN THE STORY OF PURIM TAKES PLACE believe the cookie is symbolic of The King Esther Haman Mordechai the shape of the ears of Haman. Mike Wirth Art Costumes by: Cindy Cooper for the Creativity Center of the Coalition for Jewish Learning, 2012 Milke Wirth Art All Rights Reserved Data sources by: The Tenach:Esther, The Talmud, judaism101,,, My Nana & Bubby. the Education Program of the Milwaulee Jewish Federation.

Schmaltz Wednesday: Purim Explained

shared by mikewirth on Mar 07
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Who knew that holiday of Purim is known as the Jewish Mardi Gras? With festive eating and drinking, triangle shaped cookies and masquerade parties, there's bound to be some "mashugana nachas"!


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